Monday, May 14, 2012

The End of March

March 25th: Today was the last day all the family was in town. We all went to church together to my moms ward and then just went back to her house and hung out a little while longer until they left back home.

That night we had dinner over at Skyler's mom and then Jesslin stopped by for a visit and brought us over some Krave! Bailey was obsessed!! She wouldn't leave Skyler until it was gone! She was like a little baby bird just opening her mouth really wide waiting for the food to be put into her mouth. It was so funny!

March 26th: Nate wanted to take the training wheels off his bike and learn how to ride with out them. I think it was a lot scarier than he imagined and after a few tries said he wanted to put them back on ha ha!

Bailey and I relaxed on the blanket and watch Daddy helping Nate ride his bike. Look she has her two bottom teeth! So cute right?

That night I put the kids to bed and Skyler was out playing in a softball game so I decided to soak in a bubble bath, have a bowl of ice cream and catch up on my shows! So relaxing!

March 27th: Nate had a fever and we took him into the doctor.

March 28th: We all had a long night the night before and we were exhausted! Nate was up throwing up every 30 minutes all night and Bailey wasn't feeling good either and woke up 3 or 4 times!

That afternoon they were feeling a little better so we went outside and had a picnic to try and do something fun to take his mind off of missing playgroup today and preschool yesterday.

March 29th: I finally took bailey in for her 9 month appt! She was 13lbs 13oz. and 26in long. Which puts her in the 3rd percentile for weight and 10th percentile for height. Love my cute petite little girl! As little as she is she is getting so big! She loves cruising around furniture and playing with Nate and all his friends. She could totally walk now if she wanted too! She has great balance, but i guess as a fear of the open area! She is such a happy little girl and loves to wave hi and bye to everyone! She loves attention and claps for herself when she does something good! She is a little drama queen though! Whenever she wants something that she can't have and I tell her no she throughs her self forward or back like its the end of the world! If she wants me to hold her and I set her down she will arch her back so I can't set her down and when I do she rolls around and flails herself around! Its so funny!

That afternoon Presley and Porter came over to play while their moms got ready for a funeral. They were so cute and played so well together! I had Skyler take Nate to work for the day since he was still pretty sick. Bailey had fun following them around though!

March 30th: We went down to the river with my friend Ember and her sons Aiden and Harbor. The kids had so much fun playing! I can see many more river trips to come!

Then we went to Jayz's 8th birthday party. He had a video game truck come that had tv screens on the outside and inside of the truck. All the kids loved playing video games and even though nate was about 4 years younger than everyone he loved it and felt like he was their age!

March 31st: Ty and I took a road trip up to salt lake! My friend and old roommate Amy was having her bridal shower and Ty was going to conference at the conference center so I drove him up and dropped him off up there. It was a quick trip up and back in the same day since I didn't bring the kids and I am still nursing Bailey so I couldn't be gone to long. I was so thankful for Skyler staying home with kids so I could go up without them!

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