Monday, August 13, 2012

Beginning of June

June 6th: We had playgroup day at our house and Reece (Noah's sister) came and played with us too. She was such a good helper with Bailey! Bailey loved playing with her and Reece showed her how to play with all her new toys. 

Bailey was so cute playing with all her new toys! It is fun seeing some girly toys around our house now :)

June 7th: I was doing dishes in the kitchen and I went to check on Bailey and I found her playing with her baby. She was being so cute with it and I could help but snap some pictures of this candid morning play time! She had no idea I was taking pictures!!

I finally got her attention and she gave me this cute smile :) She is going to make a great mom one day!

Nate picked out some new underwear at the store because he has out grown his old ones. Of course he picked The Avengers underwear! Right when we got home he went and put on the Hulk ones (he is his favorite!)

That night we went to Daddys basketball game. Nate and Jayz went and played on the court during halftime. I thought this was a cute picture of them playing!

After we got back from the game Nate told Skyler he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels so they went outside to practice.

June 9th: We went over to grandmas to go swimming. Nate did an awesome job of swimming to me in the big pool! He is starting to get braver and braver every time he is gets in the water!

June 10th: We went over and ate dinner and played with the cousins at Skyler's moms house. They found rollie pollies outside and Nate for the first time ever actually held one and let it crawl around on his arm!! Such a big step for him ha ha! 

June 11th: We went swimming over a Josie's grandmas house. The kids had a lot of fun!! 

June 12th: We went swimming again over at my moms house! I saw a full white moon out to :)

June 13th: We bought a slip n slide and tried it out today! The kids loved it!!

Bailey mostly liked it when the water was turned off and she could just splash and play in the leftover pool of water

June 14th: We got to have cousins over to play today! Nate wanted to play on the slip n slide again with them! They were funny to watch and kept doing different things every time they ran down it. 

Then that night I went and got pedicures with Amy and Tammy! It was a fun time away with them!

June 15th: Skyler left out of town so we went over and had a sleepover at grandmas! We all went out for an evening swim. It was so fun and the kids had a blast swimming with Grandpa and Grandma!

Bailey loves grandpa!

And so does Nate...

Having fun with the grandparents

Love birds

Me and my babies

Nate swam in the depend all my himself without floats! He is getting so big and brave!

June 16th: Happy birthday Dad! We spend the day playing with my Dad again (thats what he wanted ha ha) We sure love you!!

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