Monday, July 9, 2012

Bailey's first birthday!

I can't believe my sweet baby girl is already 1! The past year has come and gone way to fast!! We love little miss Bailey so much! It's been so fun having her as a part of our family! She is full of sass, attitude and is a complete drama queen, but thats what makes her the fun girl she is!  I can't imagine life without her! When she woke up Skyler, Nate and I walked in and sang her happy birthday! She wasn't exactly thrilled, she really just wanted us to get her out of her crib ha ha! Then I made a pancake breakfast and she got her very own special #1 pancake! She loved it to say the least! She wolfed it down in minutes! She is the best eater around and its amazing she is so tiny because she eats everything in sight and then some! Nate said he wanted a number one pancake too to help bailey celebrate being one! So it was number one pancakes all around for everyone! Nate finished breakfast off with birthday kisses for Bailey!

That night we had a little family party for Bailey. I did a cupcake theme party saying "our little cupcake is turning one!" Alyssa made the invitations and they turned out so cute!

It was fun to have everyone over! I made Bailey a giant cupcake cake and had everybody put on a topping on it so her cake was a little more meaningful with everyones contribution to the cake! She LOVED it! I was shocked that she wasn't sick in the morning because she ate a ton! After she ate hers everyone had the chance to decorate their own cupcake and ice cream. It was a fun night and thanks to everyone who came!

 I didn't get many good pictures of her party on my phone, but my sister in law took a lot on her camera and I will add them to the post when I get them. For now here are the ones from my phone...

The birthday girl

The cupcake/ice cream bar

Everyone decorating Bailey's cupcake

The party goers

UPDATE: The pictures from Alyssa's camera :)

Cake Time


Baby love <3 p="p">

 The cute one year old!

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alena said...

She is the cutest ever! Love her!