Monday, August 13, 2012

The rest of June

June 18th: Time to clean out the fridge! I didn't realize how bad it was until I started taking all the food out! Nate even helped me do it! He was a good little sprayer :) 

What was Bailey doing while we were cleaning? Just climbing in Nate's drawers...silly girl!

It was definitely a homemade pizza kind of night! Nate loves being my little kitchen helper! Especially when we are making pizza!

June 19th: It was a nice evening and we went out in the front yard to enjoy it! The kids were relaxing on the bench and they were being so cute together! I love when they act so sweet to each other :)

That night we went and watched Blake's baseball game. He did great! Bailey was loving walking all over the place! She thought she was big girl and she sure looked like one!

June 20th: Happy birthday to my amazing mom! Thanks to Skyler staying home all day with the kids, I was able to take my mom out with Alena. We went and got Alena's ears pierced and went shopping and then we went to lunch at Paradise was so yummy! Then we went and did more shopping :) It was so fun hanging out with my mom and sister all day long with out any kids! It almost felt like it was my birthday ha ha!

June 21st: I finally got around to taking Bailey to her year old doctors appt! She was 28 in. tall and just barely 16lbs so we have to wait to put her in a forward facing carseat. Thats ok though...I love my petite little girl!

We had Skylers' friend's sons over and Nate had a blast with them! They are funny boys!

June 23rd: We went and ate as a family at Pizza Factory and they brought me lemons with my water. Bailey wanted one and we are mean parents so we let her have one! We love seeing little kids sour face expressions ha ha!

June 24th: The cute little girl sitting in front of us at church today drew a picture of Bailey and asked if I  wanted to keep it ha ha! I think she did a great job!

June 25th: I have been wanting colored jeans for forever now, but haven't had the time or money to go get them. I finally joined the fashion trend and purchased some! I love them and now I want some more in different colors ha ha!

June 26th: We went and had some family time at the Washington Rec Center tonight. It was so fun! Nate loved going down the hydro tube with Dad! Bailey loved playing in the little Bailey swings! She was happy as a clam just chillin in them!

Later that night when Nate was suppose to be in bed, Skyler let him come work and jam out with him. Skyler definitely spoils this kid!

June 27th: I started babysitting my neighbors cute son Tommy the other day. He is 3 months older than Bailey and the kids love him. Nate was playing peekaboo with him and they were both laugh so hard! It was so cute!

Watching one small show before bed...they were both so into it!

June 28th: We went to Durangos with the Estridges and at outside. Bailey was walking all over the courtyard and was loving the water fountain! 

June 29th: Love night time snuggles from this little girl!

June 30th: Bailey loves looking at herself in the camera. Whenever she is in a grumpy mood I turn on my camera for her to look at herself in and she loves it!

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