Monday, August 13, 2012

Father's Day

June 17th: We sure love the Dad living at our house! The kids had fun making hand print cards for him (an idea from Pinterest) Nate said he wanted to get chocolate donuts for Dad for his special day so we went and picked some out.  I printed up a sign and some toppers (also off Pinterest). In the morning we woke up and decorated before he got up in the morning. 

My kids couldn't have gotten a better Dad! From the day they were born until now, Skyler has been the most amazing father!!

I love my Daddy! So thankful my kids have such a great man for a grandpa!

We missed this awesome grandpa on fathers day and everyday! So glad to have him watching from above! Our kids are lucky to have him as their angel to help guide and direct them through this crazy life!

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Amy Pratt said...

You and Skyler are such a cute couple and have made an amazing family so far. We love you guys to the moon and back. What an awesome day you gave Skyler. He's a lucky guy too! That picture of my dad is classic...I wish he was playing with Zoey...