Monday, June 18, 2012


May 25th: We headed up to vernal for the weekend for Zoey's baby blessing. Skyler stayed behind to bring Blake up the next day since he had a basketball camp. The kids and I rode up with Tammy. The kids did great in the car, until Bailey got sick going through Provo Canyon. She threw up all over Skyler's i-pad least it wasn't on the iPad itself :) We had just stopped and ate dinner right before driving through it. I guess she takes after her momma when it comes to getting car sick! Poor girl! We pulled over and cleaned her and the car up and then headed for the 2nd half the drive and the kids slept for most of that. We got to vernal about 10:30 and the kids and I headed straight for bed! It was a long drive!

May 26th: When we woke up in the morning and Nate was so excited to see Josie and Dallin! They got right to playing! After a few hours we headed to the quarry in vernal to see the dinosaur bones they have there. It was so cool!! Nate loves dinosaurs so he was loving everything there!

When we got done there it was about 12:30 and we decided to go grab some lunch at Mc Donalds before heading to the dinosaur museum. We got to the dinosaur museum and the kids loved playing and exploring everything they had in the kids area! It was so fun going and seeing everything they had there. They have a big display outside too, but we didn't go out there due to the windstorm that was taking place outside!

May 27th: Zoey had her blessing today. Tyler did a great was a beautiful blessing! She looked so darling in the dress that Grandma made her! It was a fun relaxing day! We even had a game night that night when the kids went to bed!

May 28th: Memorial day :) We had to head back home today because Skyler had to be back to coach a football camp the next morning and Tammy had to work. We did get to go fishing in to morning before we left though! It was one of Nate's first times fishing. He is deathly afraid of fish when they come out of the water and doesn't want to get near them until they are dead! He doesn't like that they flop around!  Finally at the end as we were about to leave we finally got him to touch one! We caught a ton (well tyler did). It was fun and such a pretty morning!

The ride home consisted of a lot of this from Bailey! It was so miserable!! Not fun to be on an eight hour car ride with a teething baby! Broke my heart to listen to her cry! I just kept praying we would get home fast! She did great on the way up, but horrible on the way back!

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