Saturday, June 2, 2012

The rest of april

April 23rd: Whenever Bailey wakes up in the morning or from a nap Nate will run in her room and go entertain her until I come into get her. They were playing in her crib for awhile today and when I came in I snapped a picture...they are the cutest!

April 24th: I caught Bailey sneaking into the puffs out off my purse! Naughty girl! She was to cute to get mad at though so I just let her eat them :)

I had put Will in her crib to go to sleep and she was so tired! She hadn't sat in her swing in probably over a month and I was desperate so I put her in there and she was asleep within seconds!

April 25th: She can be stingy with her hugs and kisses, but she was not wanting to let daddy go this morning! She was giving him the best cuddles!

I babysat the Gibbs kids today and this cute little girl is a month younger than Bailey. They were so cute playing together! They are church buddies and play in church all the time!

Nate and I were board so we decided to have some fun and make silly faces :p

April 26th: Bailey loves climbing up on the dishwasher! Anytime she is around while I am doing dishes this is where you will find her!

She was playing and I glanced up and she was standing up all on her own for a long time, I busted out the video on my phone and started taping her. She stood for a few more seconds for the video, but she had been standing there for a long time before I even stated videoing!

April 27th: We went and watched Blake play in his baseball game in Cedar. She was entertained by this easter egg for quite awhile!

April 28th: Bailey loves walking around with uncle Ty

April 29th: Otter pop love <3

Bailey kept trying to climb up and get more

April 30th: Max got shaved! I wish we would have taken a before picture because his hair was so long and he looked huge!! We thought he was extremely overweight but it turns out he was a normal size dog under all that fur! He looks so great and I lot more like a puppy again!

My little taste tester while making the FHE treat

I also made homemade salsa for the first turned out pretty yummy!!

Our ending result of the delicious!

Once again Bailey was helping me with the dishes

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