Saturday, June 2, 2012

A few random posts

April 15th: Ty had his homecoming talk in church today. He did an amazing job and it was fun to have all our family there! My mom did a little open house afterwards and then we all just hung out for a few hours until everyone headed back home.

When we got home that night skyler got his nightly otter pops out (he eats about 10 a night no joke!) Bailey thought they looked yummy too :)

April 16th: Did the everyday thing of hanging out with my two favorite kiddos!

That night I went to Ashley's surprise birthday bingo party! It was a lot of fun and I was the first bingo winner!!

April 17th: I started babysitting William again :) Bailey is in love with him and follows him around everywhere when Nate isn't home

That night Skyler wasn't home and we decided to test out Nates new pitching machine he got for his birthday. It was nice not having to pitch to him every time! It took him a few tries to get used to it, but he did pretty good with it! Then we played with his new soccer ball. I have to say I am a pretty good coach :)

April 19th: It was a warm afternoon so we had a water day. We filled up the buckets with water and turned on the hose and the kids had fun splashing and playing 

That night we rode down the the river and played for a little while

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