Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good day

May 22nd: Skyler needed my help and so I told Nate to feed Bailey her breakfast for me. He said ok so I went and helped Sky and 2 minutes later Nate came running in and said "mom! you need to come look at Bailey!" We went and looked and this is what we found...he had just handed her the bowl ha ha!

That afternoon we went swimming over at my moms house. When uncle ty got home from work he went and took Nate swimming again after we had all gotten out! The kids sure love uncle Ty and I sure am loving his tan line :)

That night we were outside playing and Andrew and Jo Jo came over too. Our other neighbors the Russells were packing up and moving there stuff to a new house and asked if we could watch Dallin and Porter for a little bit. The boys all loved playing together. They are all really into Avengers right now and thats what they were playing. Nate was the Hulk, Andrew was Captain America, Dallin was Iron Man and Porter was Thor. It was so funny watching them! Nate is going to miss his little buddies Dallin and Porter when they move to there new house and aren't right next door anymore!

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alena said...

Hahahaha, Ty's tan line is so great. And that is such a cute picture of Nate and his friends!