Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nate fun

Picture #1: Nate is a funny boy and makes me laugh a lot! You often find him wearing a cape or having his sword and gun tucked into his pants!

Picture #2: He is in a playgroup with 3 little boys from our neighborhood and we take turns every wednesday having all the boys over to play at our house from 10-12:30! So 3 weeks out of the month I get an extra 2 and 1/2 hours of me and Bailey time (or just me time because Bailey is usually napping!). It's kind nice to be able to have an extra day to get some stuff done around the house or run errands with only one kid! It's amazing what can be done with only one child at the house! I also love having his friends over once a month. It's fun to hear them play together!

The other pictures are of Nate holding a frog that him and his dad found down by the river when they went on an adventure ride on the Ranger! He was so excited to come home and show me the picture dad took of him holding it!

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cnelson said...

He is such a cutie!!!