Friday, October 28, 2011

4 month look alike!

Bailey turned 4 months back on Oct 5th (yes it's no surprise I am behind on blogging again!) At her appointment she was 11lbs 2 oz and 23in long. She is in the 10th percentile for height and weight. Much like her brother she is a very active baby!! She doesn't like to sit still! She is always squirming and rolling around. She is getting to big to fast!! She loves to stand rather then sit in my lap and you can tell she just wants to jump out of my hands and go play! She is always so happy and will smile for anyone that gives her attention. She is such a joy to have in our home and we all sure do love our baby girl!

I took pictures of Nate in the nude in front of a blue blanket back when he was 4 months and I wanted to do the same with Bailey and compare and see how much they look alike. They definitely pull some of the same expressions and it makes them look so much alike! I think in a few of the pictures they look very similar! There is no question they are siblings :) It's funny, I think Bailey looks a little bigger and chunkier in these pictures than Nate, but at Nate's 4 month appt. he weighed 14lbs 4oz and was 25.5in long. So he was like 3lbs bigger and 2.5in longer yet she looks like the bigger one to me!


McKenzi and Matt Irvin said...

they look SO much alike! So cute! We are going to be in STG for a couple of days- Nov 10-13. Matt's sister is getting married so it will be busy but we want to see you guys!

cnelson said...

It is crazy that they look so much alike! Nate had a longer skinnier head and Bailey is just a little rounder. Both soooooo dang cute! Always smiling and so happy!!!