Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We went to the Horizon Elementary School Carnival and Nate had a Blast!! I thought a lot of games might be over his head, but he could play all of them! His favorites were pumpkin bowling, angry birds (balls thrown at empty soda pop bottles), the bounce house, and the cupcake walk! When he went to do the pumpkin bowling he was behind a kid who was probably 8 and then it was his turn they told him to scoot up but he didn't want to he want to try it from the "big kid" line. He rolled the pumpkin and knocked down all the pins on his first try!! Everyone was so impressed! He did the cupcake walk and won a cupcake on his third try...he was so excited! They also were selling Durango's Salad and I bought one and had $2 left so I just bought 2 raffle tickets with the money I had left over and we ended up winning a basket! It was so exciting...I never win! We won the movie basket :) As we were leaving the Carnival Nate said "that was so fun...I love the carnival!" I have always loved Carnivals too. My elementary school always threw the funnest carnival and it brought back a lot of great memories!!

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cnelson said...

So FUN!! So CUTE!!