Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday fun!

On saturday I hosted a baby shower for one of the football wives. She is from california and has no family here so a couple of us got together and had a small shower. She is having her baby tomorrow and I am so excited for her! We had a lot of fun playing games and watching her open her presents! She told me I could not post the pictures I took of her, so I will just post the group picture we took :)

Saturday night Skyler had his football game. They had a tuff loss by only losing by a touchdown! Skyler played great and is currently trying to recover from a swollen and bruised thumb that he jammed while warming up for the game!

Nate and me at the game

Nate watching the game with grandpa nelson
yea! nate is happy this week!

Nates first time on a football field...he is a natural dont you think?


Erin said...

Hey Alisa! Your family is so cute! Nate has got to carry on the Ence family football legacy! See you at Bunco in a few days.

Amy Jo said...

I love love love the pictures, Nate IS a natural on the field. He has the cutest smile, I just want to eat him up, and have I told you lately how great you look? You look incredible, those pics at the game are darling. Can I post one and brag a bit?

Angela Bricker said...

Alisa you're so stinkin' cute you make me sick! Nate definitely looks like a natural on the football field!!

Jana said...

those are cute pictures of grandpa and nate.