Friday, September 5, 2008

AVON Independent Sales Rep.

Ok everyone i just started my first home based business and i am really excited for it! I am an Avon independent sales representative! My neighbor is one and i got to thinking it would be the perfect job for me! I can do it all from home and choose the hours i want to work. I dont have to request time off if i want to go out of town and i dont have to work nights or weekends if i dont want to. We all have our lazy days when we just dont want to get up and work and on those days i dont have to! Plus i get awesome discounts on make-up, clothes, shoes, purses, jewlery, home decor, skin care and haircare products. They have the cutest seasonal decorations! I thought Avon only sold make-up, but i found out they pretty much have everything i love to shop for! They are good quality and fashionable products! I dont think i have ever been more excited for a job! If you have never used Avon before i highly recommend trying out the products (and i am not just saying that because i am a sales rep). They have amazing prices and the make-up is just as cheap if not cheaper then buying it at the store! I would not sale something i did not love or would not use myself! I especially love the lip glosses and eye shadows! Every 2 weeks they have new deals and specials on their products! I have brochures that are fun to look through that show the products that they have deals on, so if you are interested in looking at one of those i would love to give you one! I also have my very own website where you can order any product at your own convience. You can shop the brochures or you can shop for any of the products anytime of the day on my website. I can deliver it to you for free or you can choose to have it shipped directly to you for only $3(below is a coupon code for free shipping on your first online purchase). I can also order any product for you so feel free to call me anytime! I would really appreciate your business and would love to be your avon rep! My website is so feel free to browse the site and use it when you can! If you have any friends that would be interested in buying avon from me please let me know! The best way to succeed in a business is by word of mouth and i hope i can get my name out there as an independent Avon sales rep! So if you can help me in anyway that would be awesome!!

*Receive free shipping on your first online order off my website by entering coupon code REPFLYER (this will deliver your items directly to your house)*


Anonymous said...

congrats on your new adventure, I have never been much into makeup, but I would love to check out the flyer.

Angela Bricker said...

Yea, that's exciting! I looked at the website online, so I'll let you know if I order something! :)