Thursday, September 18, 2008


This past weekend we went up to ogden to watch skyler play in his football game against weber state. The trip was a lot of fun. My friend amy rode up with nate and I and we ended up staying friday night in Sandy with one of my old roommate Kiersten. She has a ten month old son and it was so fun for nate to play with him! They kept smiling and talking to each other in their baby language. It was so cute! We went out to dinner and nate sat in a highchair. He loved every second of it! He felt like such a big boy! He kept looking around at everything and smiling! It was nice for me because he hates staying in his carseat and so i always take him out and hold him, but this time i didnt have to hold him and eat at the same awesome! On saturday I drove up to kaysville where a couple friends from houston and my sisters all got together for the afternoon to talk and catch up. It was so nice to see everyone! Nate was able to see and play with his cousin for a little bit. It was so fun to see my nephew! He is growning up so fast! When we were leaving my sister pointed to the letters on my shirt and tyler would say what letter it was! He is only 18 months and knows 20 of the 26 letters of the alphabet! I wish i would have recorded him saying the letters because he has the cutest little voice! Nate also met another baby friend who is his same age. He had a lot of fun playing wtih Jake's activity center! He was entertained by it for over an hour, so i think i might have to get one of those! For any of you who really know nate you know he does not like to stay in one place for more then a couple minutes and this way he would be contained and entertained! With my luck i will buy it and he will hate it :) After visiting with everyone Nate and I went and watched skyler play football and suprisingly nate was so good at the game!! Normally he hates football games and cries the whole time, but this time he hardly cried at all! He went right to sleep at half time and slept until the game finished! It was heaven!! I actually got to watch the game! When the game finished i wanted to get a picture of our family, but since nate had just woken up he wanted to eat, so he is not very happy in the picture! That night we went and stayed with skylers grandparents in bountiful. It was good to see them! Nate had fun showing them how he can crawl and what a big boy he is becoming! On our way home we stopped by one of skylers mission companions house and saw his family. They have a ten month old daughter and nate enjoyed playing with her toys too! We finally made it home after a short fun weekend at 9:30 at night. Here are some pictures...

Nate in the high chair
Nate playing with Kiersten's baby (chirstopher)

Nate saying hi to his cousin tyler
My prego sister and me
Tyler telling nate a secret
The cousins with their aunt amanda
Nate with his aunt angela
The houston crew and their famlies
After the football game (nate is not real happy :)

Skylers mission companions with us

Nate is starting to pull himself up on everything now! He loves boxes and especially loves to pull himself up on them!

Dad and Nates newest trick!
Dad and nate just chillin before sky has to go to practice


Angela Bricker said...

I loved all those pictures of Nate, and can NOT believe how big he is! He is the happiest baby I have ever met and I already miss his cute little laugh! Sorry again that we didn't make it to Skylar's game, I wish we could have spent more time together but hopefully it won't be TOO long before we see each other again! Oh and by the way, you look SOOO good! Are you working out again, or just sweating everything off working at Freddy's? Even Bobby mentioned to me that you looked super skinny-which is saying something b/c Bobby doesn't usually notice stuff like that! Ha Ha this is way too long, okay bye!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! He really can pull himself up to things. I love the family picture at the football game, it's so fitting. I am glad that you had so much fun, and i am sure the gma and gpa webb enjoyed seeing Nate and all his tricks. Now you need to post a pic of your hair.

The Alofipo Clan :) said...

that is awesome he was so good at the game! makes it a lot easier.....till you have more he he :)

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey girl,

Looks like you've been having such a great time! I have loved looking at your blog this last half hour - Nate is getting so big, I bet you're just loving it... That was very awesome of you to throw the baby shower, that must mean alot to her! Looks like it's football fun in your house :) That's great your husband is active like that....

We should get together for lunch soon. Have you had any luck with selling your AVON? Talk soon