Tuesday, September 9, 2008

5 months

Nate turned five months yesterday and he is getting to be such a big boy! He has learned a lot of new things the past couple weeks and it has been so amazing to watch him! He has such a fun and happy personality! He makes me smile and laugh all the time! He is now crawling all over the place! He loves to get into everything and climb around as much as he can! He is always on the go! He learned how to sit up all by himself. Its funny because he crawls and then after a little bit he will sit up and look around or play with a toy and then he will crawl a little more and then sit up and look around. He loves all baby fods that he has tried and is such a good little eater...as long as he isnt really tired :) He hates loud noises like the vacuum or the croud cheering at a skylers football game. He sucks his thumb which was a little disappointing. He loves to hear himself talk especially when everyone else is quiet (like during the sacrament). He is ticklish and loves it when people make him laugh! He loves babies and little kids and can be entertained by them for hours! He will laugh at them if they make noises or do something he thinks is funny. He is starting to teeth and so he can be a little more cranky at times now, but most of the time he his such a happy baby! I cant believe he is only a month away from being 6 months! Time flys by so fast and i have loved every second of being a mom! How blessed i am to have such a wonderful son! He brings such joy and happiness into my life!

Nate crawling and climbing

Nate in his barcelona jersey he got from his uncle jesse who his on his mission in spain

Giving me a cheese grin because he knows he is keeping me on my toes!

He loves to climb on the bottom shelf of my coffee table

Mission accomplished of climbing off the shelf


Amy Jo said...

that is the cutest little boy ever! He just melts my heart when he giggles. And crawling already? you are in TROUBLE! I am sure that Jesse would love to see him in that Jersey. When they start crawling it seems like your world gets turned upside down doesn't it?

Ryan and Tawnee said...

Ahhh...mobility, you are in a world of trouble now Mommy! Life will never be the same now that he won't sit where you put him! Tie up your cupboards!! Yes of course we remember you, I have actually blog stalked you and your sister before just to see how you are all doing. Tell your Mom hello for us!

Amy Hummel said...

I can't believe that he is crawling that early!!! He looks so tiny crawling all over. Tess is huge compared to him, and is 6 months now... but she can't even sit up on her own yet! She's getting close. My babies never crawl until about 7 months. You're in trouble with that one!

Angela Bricker said...

I loved that video of him crawling...it's so cute that every once in awhile he would just glance up at you and smile like, "I know, I'm so cute!". And I LOVE that picture of him under the table where he's looking up at you and smiling, what a cutie! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!!!!

Ellen and Cameron said...

wow what a fast learner... I guess Jake is kinda lazy ha ha... Hey do you still need a place to stay this weekend? You more then welcome here anytime.

Tyson and Jade said...

Yeah, let me know for sure what night your planning on going to Lacy's and I'll go for sure. :D