Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Getaway

This weekend we went up to skyler's parents cabin on cedar mountain. It was just sky, nate, me, bryce, bryce's little bro, and bryce's little bros friend. We all had a blast! Nate loved going up to the cabin and had a great first experience! We made a lot of fun memories! I was a little nervous on how he would sleep up there, but he was a champ and slept through the whole night! He got to go on his first 4 wheeling ride and he loved it so much! He stayed awake for a little while, but of course he ended up falling asleep ( just like he does on the boat). The weather was perfect up there! It was a little cold at night, but it was like 70 during the day (compared to the 104 it was in st. george!) we love going up to the cabin and cant wait until we can go again!


Pratt Family said...

How fun! I love that place, it is so nice to get away! Josie sleeps really good up there too!

Tyson and Jade said...

You have such a cute little family. I'm excited for the time that Parks starts to laugh and smile as much as Nate does!

The Alofipo Clan :) said...

looks like fun! and how nice to be out of the heat!