Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Fun

We went to the lake again this weekend and of course we had a blast! I actually got out and wakeboarded for the first time this summer. It was fun to get out and try it again because last summer was the first time i had ever wakeboarded in my life. I got up, but i have trouble staying up for a long time. Hopefully i can improve over the summer even though it is already half way over :(

Nate not happy to be in his life vest
Bryce wakeboarding
Skyler wakeboarding
Skyler and Nate
Nate wanting to drive the boat
Skyler helping Nate drive the boat
Nate chillin in the seat while we get ready to leave
Our family happy to be on the boat


Amy Jo said...

Oh, that picture of Nate in his life jacket is hilarious. I am glad that you got a chance to wakeboard, I didn't know if the boys let the girls in the water. They are pretty die hard...

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey girl,

WAY CUTE!! I love blogging and keeping up on everyones brag spots! Nate is getting so big, I bet your just enjoying him!

I need your address?

This week for lunch probably isn't a good one for me.. We've been gone to Country Jam and the girls have their swimming lessons the rest of the week. Lets try next week though for sure!

Talk soon