Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boating Trip #2

We went boating for the second time this summer and this time nate was awake for a little bit. He loved it! We all had a lot of fun! This time it was windy and the water was bad for wakeboarding, so we went on the tube instead.

Nate asleep

Nate awake
Justin and his girlfirend
Skyler and me

Skyler rockin it by himself

After we got back from the lake we went and dropped the boat off and decided to let nate experience the fun of being in the water. We took out back into grandmas pool and let him swim with dad. He liked it at first, but then the wind started blowing and he got cold and wanted to get out.

Getting ready to get in


Aaron & Jayme said...

How fun!! Who's boat is that? I'm a little jealous over here :)

Anonymous said...

OOOH! Nate looks so cute! I wish I could have seen it. It looks like fun... I did get to hear him on the phone when he wasn't so happy about being in the pool. He will get use to it! I don't even like getting wet when it's windy!

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey Alisa -

Nate is getting so big! I am happy that you are enjoying your time with him and your family. I love boating too! My girls are fish babies too! Hopefully this next year we can get us a boat ;)

Hope all is well, we need to set up a time for a lunch date