Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Roll over roll over let Nathan come over

Since saturday Nate has been rolling over from stomach to back, with a little assistance from Dad, but yesterday he did it all by himself! It was so exciting to see even though it is just a little thing. He is starting to react to toys now and loves his little lion that hangs on his carseat! Bryce was in the backseat with nate and he was crying and he started talking to him and showing him the lion and they named him Rachester. Weird i know, but it has stuck. Last night we went and played wiffle ball with some friends and it was a lot of fun! I realized how bad i am with hand eye cordination...it looks like i need to get out and practice! There was another cute baby there that is 5 weeks younger then nate and both babies did so good! They didnt really cry at all until after about 2 hours when nate was getting sleepy and Lincoln was hungry. I should have taken pictures, but i didnt so i dont have any to post.


Anonymous said...

Cute post Alisa, sounds like he is growing up on you, this is just the first milestones of many, congrats! Let me know if you need anything for tomorrow for Bunco!!!

Aaron & Jayme said...

He's already rolling over?! How old is he now? Oh I wished we lived closer!

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