Friday, June 13, 2008

2 months

So Nate turned 2 months last sunday and he is getting so big! i cant believe it! he had his 2 month doctors appointment on tuesday and he is now 11 lbs 10 oz and 23.5 inches long! He has grown 4 inches and gained 4 lbs in 2 months! he had to get it shots which was so sad, but he actually did a lot better then i thought he would! he only cried while the nurse gave him the shot and as soon as they handed him back to me he stopped crying...he was so brave :) skyler was gone this whole week and just got back last night and he was amazed how much nate had grown in the 4 days he was gone. i love being home with nate and watching him grow and develop into his own cute personality. everyday he does something new or funny and i cant help but think how lucky i am to be blessed with such a wonderful baby!

the big boy

his shots :(

he loves to stand up on my lap and i lift him up so he can fly like an airplane and when i put him back down on my lap he trys to push of and fly agian. its so cute! he is strong it amazes me!

yesterday he was having tummy time and he was laying on the floor and he would push off the floor and straighten his legs and he came so close to fliping himself over from his stomach to his back. it probably would have hurt if he would have pushed himself over. if i lay him on his stomach he will not stay in one spot he is always scooting himself around and if he is on his back he kicks his legs and waves his arms really fast! it is so funny to watch him.

lately he has been so fascinated with his hands. He will stare at his hands and then play with them and stick them in his mouth. and yesterday i laid him on the couch and there is a red throw on it and he loved playing with it!

he was so cute when he woke up this morning! this is him saying im so big!
and this is a couple hours later after he spit up all over himself. he was so happy to be naked!


Amy Hummel said...

Cute pictures! He's so big already! And I'd love to take pictures of him again! Just e-mail me sometime and set up a date/time! I definitely would like to add some more pictures of him into my portfolio!

eden & david said...

he is so cute. from the pictures he looks like such a happy baby!!

Ellen and Cameron said...

what i sweet heart! we are moving to salt lake in 2 weeks, that will be a little closer and our boys can finally meet!e

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey Alisa -

Wow, look at your BIG BOY :) He is growing too fast. I remember those days! You enjoy every minute! Yeck, I am still enjoying every minute :) You look like your totally enjoying motherhood. It's the best thing huh!

When are you headed back to work? We need to plan a lunch date! Call me 435.313.1637 let's go

I would love to hang out with you and little Nate

Anonymous said...

I know i say this everytime, but those pictures are adorable. He is getting his own personality I love to make him smile. Whenever you are bored, or want to get out, call me!

Anonymous said...

he is such a happy baby!!!