Monday, September 24, 2012


Aug 13th: I had to make a store run to go make Skylers truck payment at the bank inside the store. The bank gave my kids suckers and since I needed a few things I decided to make it a one stop shop and buy what I need there even though by baby was so tired! Thank goodness for the suck from the bank to keep my tired baby happy! Nate didn't want his after a couple of licks and gave it to Bailey. She was double fisting them after that! 

Aug 14th: Bailey loves to help me with the dishes! Anytime she sees the dishwasher open she comes and hands me the silverware so I can put it away! Such a good little helper!

Aug 16th: My cute kiddos watching a show together!

Later that night the kids had some water fun in the backyard to cool down on a hot night!

Aug 17th: I went and helped with my sisters bridal pictures tonight. It was so fun! Alyssa Ence Photography is the best! Here is a picture I took on my phone of Amanda. She looked gorgeous!

Aug 18th: Amanda had her bridal shower today. It was decorated so cute and the food was so yummy! She got a lot of good stuff! We missed Angela being there!

That night we all went swimming at my moms. Nate had saw that his cousin Tyler had swam across the whole pool for the first time and got a toy for it. He told me he wanted a toy too. I said if you swim across the whole pool like Tyler did then I will get you one. Being the determined little boy he is, he swam across grandmas whole pool! It was so cute watching him! I can't believe he started the summer swimming with floats to now swimming across a pool with no floats! So proud of him!! We got it on video on my phone and I am trying to upload it, but for some reason its not working. Hopefully I will get it to where it does! 

This is the toy he picked out at the store. A transformer of course :)

Aug 19th: We went up to cedar mountain with Skylers family for the day. Justin proposed to Jesslin! It was so cute! They had a tree they carved their initials into back in 2007 and he proposed to her in from of it. It was a surprise to her. He told her we were just going up to the mountain for a  day getaway to go four wheeling with his family before school started. We went for a ride and they showed us the tree and took their picture in front of this (this was planned out so we knew where the tree was to decorate it) then the plan was for him to go down and see the horses a little later but it was ranging so we kinda put a rush on things :) Right when we got done with the first little ride they went down to see the horses and the old cabin and we quickly went and decorated the tree for justin. We hid a little ways off behind tress and I laid behind a big dirt mound. Alyssa got behind the closest big tree to them so she could capture pictures of the proposal. We couldn't hear what was being said, but we could tell they were done when we saw Justin get off his knee and kiss her. Then we all started clapping and cheering :) I am pretty sure Jesslin was really embarrassed ha ha! Here are some pictures of the tree I snapped on my phone after setting up and of them after he proposed. Then some pictures of the rest of our day.

The kids had fun hanging out and four wheeling on the mountain and as soon as we hit the road back home the were both out!

Aug 20th: 90% of the time I have an army of Nate's guys taking over my entertainment center! I love him and his imagination! I don't always love my entertainment center covered in toys ha ha!

Sweet kiddos watching a show before bed. I sure am blessed!

Aug 21: I babysat Shawna's niece today and the kids were having a lot of fun playing with her!

Aug 22: Bailey has been super into coloring lately! Every time she sees Nate coloring or working on his school work she wants to be coloring too! She is actually pretty good! 

Aug 23rd: Tired kiddos!

Aug 25th: We had to go take the four wheelers we used the weekend before back to Skyler's grandmas cabin in pine valley. We decided to make it a little day trip and enjoy some cooler temperatures! It was a lot of fun! We went for a little ride down to the river where the kids played and had a good time! We brought Max with us and when Skyler unloaded him from the truck he dashed out and rammed right into Bailey which forced her to face plant right into the ground! She got a bloody nose and lip and was all scraped up! It was so sad! 

We made it back just in time to go to dinner at Buca di Beppo! My sister Amandas good friend from Texas was sent to open the Buca St. George store and she invited our family to come out to family and friends night before their grand opening. The food was so so yummy and she totally hooked us up!!

That night Skyler read the kids bedtime stories. They sure love their Dad and so do I! Wish this picture wasn't so blurry!

Aug 27th: Saw the sun come up this morning! That is a rarity! My friend Whitney asked if I wanted to work out with her in the mornings and me knowing that I desperately need some exercise agreed! She is way more fit then me so I warned her I haven't worked out at all in over a year. She assured she hadn't worked out much either and that it would be fine. We decided to take a trail by my house and it is actually a pretty one. We go every Monday and Friday. She installed a map my run app on her phone and she said that from the start to the finish we got 3.24 miles! We can't run it all yet, but hopefully we will get to that point some day!

Baileys poor nose :(

Nate and I made a hand print caterpillar today. He loved it! It turned out pretty cute!

We had Nate's new preschool open house tonight! Nate was so excited! He has waited all summer long to start his new preschool! On the way to it he fell asleep in the car. I woke him up to go inside and he was a little groggy at first, but it didn't take him long to wake up enough to go play with toys. I thought Bailey would play too, but she stood right by my side the entire time holding onto my pants! I guess the few other kids that were there were intimidating!

We went over to Grandma Nelsons because she told Nate she had a surprise for him. He was so excited! She gave him a little back to school gift! He loved it! She is the best!

Then we went to home depot with mother-in-law and she helped me pick out wood and corbels for my new project! Nate apparently though the cart was a jungle gym!

Then we went over and got right to work! Nate helped me sand and he did a great job!

Aug 28th: I guess I was feeling ambitious because today I reorganized my living room closet and turned it into a little craft space! I am embarrassed of the first picture, but I love how it turned out! I love when things are organized! 

Aug 29th: Cute little dish helper!

Aug 30th: Nate had his first day of preschool today! He was beyond excited! It is a good thing it is the first thing in the morning because I don't think he would have made it had it been in the afternoon! I love my cute little boy! Cant believe how big he is getting! He is going to be in kindergarten next year...ahh!! 

He had a blast at preschool!! He talked about it the whole way home! The first thing he said to me was " Mom, my new preschool is so fun. I wasn't bored at all!" He was also picked to bring home the blue bear for being good!

Love this girl!

Rockin the shades at my sisters tennis match!

We went and watched my cute sister at her tennis match! She did awesome! 

We ended the day watching Skyler coach a great win over Dixie! Yay for Pine View JV team! Black did awesome and made several touchdowns! 

Aug 31st: We miss Nate and Daddy during the day but I love one on one time with my baby girl! Nothing better than snuggling and reading stories!

The kids had fun at the varsity game tonight! It was such a beautiful night! 

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