Friday, March 8, 2013

September 2012

Sept. 1st- Its official...I am a soccer mom! I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two! This is the start of his sporting career :) He is growing up so fast! He had is first practice today and LOVED it! Skyler is his coach and I know he loves that too! 

Bailey dressed up as a cute cowgirl super mommy today...cutest one I have ever seen!

Sept. 3rd- Bailey refuses to let me feed her for breakfast anymore! Usually I giver her food and walk away because I can't stand to watch her make a mess of herself but this morning I snapped some pictures. She is starting to get a little better. 

We went to the annual Ence family reunion at Skylers grandparents cabin in Pine Valley. It was a beautiful day! The kids had a ton of fun playing on the bounce slide, fishing, getting their face painted, playing games and playing with cousins!

Sept 4th- I was getting ready and I came out to check on the kids and saw they had snuck into the cheezits but I couldn't get mad and intervene because they looked so cute snuggled up sharing them! Bailey kept leaning over and giving Nate kisses when she wanted one.

Sept. 6th- I love the one on one girl time I get with Bailey while Nate is at preschool. Today we painted our toes matching :)

I started babysitting cute Tommy, he is our next door neighbor, and him and Bailey are best buddies. I watch him M-Th from 2-4 so its pretty much like a playdate for Bailey 4 days a week!

We went and watched Dad coach and uncle Blake play in the Pine View JV game tonight. It was at Dixie and they had a great win against them. Skyler let Nate ride the bus back to PVHS with him and the football team after the game. Nate was ecstatic and loved every second of it!!

Sept 7th- We found the most beautiful butterfly sitting on the window seal in our backyard! Nate and Bailey thought it was so cool and so did I :)

Sept. 8th- Nate had his first soccer game today. He did so awesome!! He played hard and wasn't shy, timid, or scared to go after the ball. He scored a goal and was so excited and so were we!! It was so fun watching him play his little heart out and we couldn't be any prouder! What a great start to his soccer season! Skyler was a great coach for all the boys! 

Getting to the game and warming up

The start of the game!

Playing hard!

 And he takes it down the field and SCORES!!!

Celebrating with his team and Dad...yay Nate!!

End of the game cheer (go pumas!) and shaking the other teams hand

Nate is lucky to have such an amazing support and fan club! Thanks to everyone who came out!!

We sure are proud of our little guy! Love you so much Nate!

Sept. 9th- After eating dinner at grandmas it was such a nice evening and the kids went out and did sidewalk chalk on her back patio. Nate drew dinosaurs all over...Rawr! Bailey loved scribbling all over the patio!

Sept. 10th- Fell asleep on the way home wearing his shades! He was one tired little boy!

Sept. 11th- Couldn't help but buy these cute cowgirl boots for Bailey for the rodeo this weekend! They are her first pair of cowgirl boots and I can't wait to have her wear them! They were only $15 and they will be so cute on her! Still trying to find some for Nate that are under $45 a pair! 

The weather cleared up just long enough for a little soccer practice tonight. I love when the kids sit on their ball and talk to coach. Too cute!

Sept 13th- Bailey had her 15 month check up today. She was 19lbs and 29in long. She is still so tiny! She doesn't say many words. Just the usual mom and dad and dog. She loves playing with Nate and any other kids! She has such a fun and spunky personality and she definitely is packed with some attitude! Love my little princess! Not the best picture of her playing at the doctors office...

Sept 14th- Amanda and Craig's Wedding Day!! I can't believe my little sister is married! She looked stunning!! They are such a great couple and we are so excited for them! It was a beautiful sealing followed by a beautiful reception! My mom did an amazing job putting it together!! So fun to have the whole family together too!

Coming out of the temple



After the luncheon

Reception decor

 Hanging out at the reception

The kids playing at the reception


Sept 15th- Rodeo time! Skyler and I have gone to the rodeo every year together since we started dating and this year was no exception! The kids were at a fun age where they both really enjoyed it! Bailey would clap when other people would and she loved watching all the horses! Nate was so excited about going and watching the cowboys ride the bulls! It is his favorite part! Poor guy was so tired and fell asleep just before they did the bull riding so he missed it :( He was also completely out of it when we took the annual family rodeo picture haha! Even though he missed his favorite part he still loved what he saw just like the rest of us! Nate loves wearing cowboy boots and was so excited to wear his new pair and his cowboy hat he had got for his birthday! I think we had the cutest cowboy and cowgirl around! 

Sept 17th- Snuggling on the couch watching a show before bed. Nate was so into it he wouldn't even look at me haha

Sept 18th- We lowed Bailey's crib to the lowest setting :( She is getting to big to fast!

 Bailey and I love watching Nate at soccer practice!

Sept 19th- The kids woke up and were playing so cute together! I love mornings like this!

That afternoon while Nate was at playgroup, Bailey and I went to lunch with my mom at Red Lobster. Everyone was loving her Miss Plunkett hair piece. We had fun and lunch was delicious!

Sept 20th- We went and met up with Amy and her kids at the park. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a lot of fun! Bailey enjoyed her first very own happy meal! She eats a lot! She was also loving on her cousin Zoey! 

After the park Josie and Dallin came over to our house to play while their mom went out and ran some errands. Nate sure loves when his cousins come in town! They are best buddies!!

Sept 21st- Skyler and Jesse camped out overnight for the iphone5. They had me meet them there bright and early in the morning at 7am to get mine when the doors opened at 8. I woke the kids up and we headed over there. I love my new iphone5 and Skyler loves his too! Excuse the bad picture of me, i didn't have time to put on makeup :)

Both my kids love the panther at the PVHS games! Bailey watches him the whole game! Nate loves giving him five every time he comes up the stairs! Bailey actually gave him five too and was so excited! When the game was ending I tried to get a picture of both kids with the panther but Bailey about had a heart attack when I tried to hand her to him! I just took of picture of Nate and him, but it turned out blurry since Bailey was squirming in my arms. 

Sept 22nd- We started off the morning with Nates soccer game, Amy and her kids were still in town and they came out and watched him play! Nate loved having them there! He loves when people come watch him! He scored a goal again and was so excited! 

After the game Nate and Dallin took on Blake

That night we all went and watched Justin play in his football game at the college. The kids were getting antsy so at half time I took them down to the practice field to run around and get their wiggles out! They loved rolling down the hill! They were so cute playing together and had so much fun!

 Family picture after the game

Sept 23rd- It was a nice evening so after eating dinner at grandmas Blake and Nate played a little backyard ball

Sept. 25th- Nate saw these grape caterpillars on interest as I was looking through it and he begged me to let him make some! He made them to go along with our lunch today. They were cute and yummy!

Later that night Bailey was in the kissing mood. She kept leaning over and giving Nate kisses. It was too cute!

Sept. 26th-  Nate asked me to time him while he ran and I said wow Nate you are so fast! His reply "yeah, because I'm an Ence!" I laughed so hard! He is right though and he sure his proud to be an Ence! He definitely has the cocky part down anyway ;)