Sunday, September 16, 2012

Randomness + Washington County Fair

Aug 1st: It was a nice day so we went out and enjoyed the evening weather. Bailey and I watched Nate  skateboard. I went to help Nate and when I came back she was picking my flowers! Naughty girl...but to cute to get mad at :)

Aug 2nd: Nate and his playgroup friends built a tent (with my help) the size of his whole bedroom! They were loving playing in it!

I told Nate to say the prayer for dinner and I looked over at Bailey and she was folding her arms for prayers! This is the first time she has done it all by herself without me folding them for her!

Aug 3rd: We drove up to Draper and went to Skyler's cousin Haley's wedding reception. It was in their backyard and it was beautiful! It was such a nice night! Thanks to my mom for watching the kids so we could go without them!

Aug 4th: Before heading back home we made a trip to ikea! Oh how I love this store!

Aug 5th: We went over to hang out at my parents house and Nate and Skyler both took a little sunday nap. So cute!

Aug 6th: Bailey eating her rice cereal all on her own! Getting to big to fast!

A typical day at our house...

Nate was pushing Bailey around in her baby doll stroller for over an hour! They were having so much fun!

Aug 7th: We Red Boxed a movie and Bailey and Nate were dancing to the music in it. It was funny!

Aug 8th: I babysat some little girls in our ward today and one of them was loving brushing Bailey's hair or lack there of ;) ha ha! What it would be like for Bailey to have a big sister...

Aug 9th: Skyler started coaching football this week as well as his new job at Sunrise Tire. We have been blessed enough for him to have a job and are so pleased that our prayers have been answered. The only down side is he is not home much these days :( The fair was in town and so I took the kids by myself to go check it out! 

Nate loved riding all the rides!

Nates favorite ride! He loved it and was sad he was to small to go on all the "big kid" rides!

Aug 10th: While we were at the fair the night before we passed the baby contest registration. Just for fun I decided to enter Bailey because I think she is the cutest ever :) They gave us a shirt for her to wear the next day and we were suppose to come to the judging at 10:20 in the morning. The next morning Bailey and I went. I signed her in and they gave us her number to wear on her back. We waited a few minutes and then they called the girls in groups of 6 to come sit in front of the judges. There were 3 judges and we all sat in a semi-circle around them. They talked to them and tried to get them to smile and act cute. Bailey was adorable! She looked so cute waddling around in her shirt and pink tutu. She waved and smiled and interacted with the other little girls. We sat there for about 5 minutes and then went home. They said they would give us a call by the end of the day and let us know if they were a finalist. About 2:30 I got a call...she was a finalist! There were 30 kids in her age group that were entered and she was one of the top 6! I was so excited!

Aug 11th: They told me on the phone to have her wear any outfit to the baby contest. I could have her stick with the theme of the parade of red, white and blue or have her wear an outfit of choice. I decided to stick with the theme. I had her wear the blue chevron skirt with the red ribbon that I made her for the forth of July with a red flower headband. She looked so cute! Skyler was out of town and so was his mom and my parents. Alena was nice to come with me and help keep track of Nate. Jesse and Alyssa also were awesome for coming and supporting Bailey and helping with Nate too! I helped her walk across the stage for the judging. She looked so cute and was smiling and waving and clapping to the crowd. I don't think the judges saw that part. After the 6 girls in her age group walked across they had us go stand in front of the judges so they could see and talk to them. None of the judges really looked at Bailey to much since we were standing in the middle and she wasn't as interactive with them as she was with the crowd. I wish they would have had the judges in front so they could have seen the front side of her walk across stage! She didn't win, but it was a lot of fun doing it! She will always be the cutest baby to me! I love my baby girl and am so proud of her! I am sad I didn't get any pictures of her on stage because I had Alena record it, but the video didn't turn out great :( I took some screen shots of the video on my phone so I have a few pictures, but they aren't the best. 

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