Sunday, September 16, 2012

The rest of July

Once again I am behind on blogging so its time to play catch up!

July 19th: Amanda and Angela were in town and we decided it was the perfect time to go wedding dress shopping for Amanda! She had already been up in Provo with Alena, my mom and Dad but Angela and I had yet to see her try on any dresses. Since Alena had previously gone she volunteered to stay home with our kids (she is the best!) and Angela, Mom, Grandma Olson and I all went. It was so fun watching her try on all the beautiful dresses and she looked gorgeous in all of them! On stood out above the others and it was the same one she and the rest of the clan loved at the Provo store! It was meant to be her dress!

When we got back the kids were playing so cute together! The girls were playing together

and the boys were playing together :)

They love their aunt Alena!

July 20th: Bailey trying to wake up Daddy!

We went over to grandmas to swim and play with cousins

Then we had a Krave one of course! (a must when they come into town!)

July 21st: Happy birthday to Angela! We went over and hung out with the family again. Amanda and Craig got their engagement pictures done that night by Alyssa. They turned out awesome! Here are just a few of my faves. Oh and another Krave run to celebrate the birthday girl!

July 22nd: Bachelorette finale! I loved the Bachelorette this season with Emily Maynard. She is so sweet! It was fun watching this season because a local boy from St. George was on that Skyler went to high school with. Not only was he on it, but he won! They are the cutest couple and I feel like their love is actually genuine and real. I hope they last and find there happy ever after! (cheesy i know!)

July 23rd: Alena was picked to be a Senior Spokes Model for Shannon Kneading Photography and I got to go on the shoot with them! What a model Alena is! I can't wait to see the finished product! She did awesome! Here are a few snapped by my phone during the day!

July 24th: Happy birthday to the greatest husband, friend, and father I know! Skyler turned 27 today! He wanted to escape the heat and go up to his grandparents cabin in pine valley! The weather was great! We made steaks, dutch oven potatoes, and had some yummy sides to go along with it! It was delicious! Skyler requested to have Scotcharoos instead of his cake because they are his favorite. We ended the day singing happy birthday and eating dessert and then headed back home. It was a great day!

Bailey loves being tossed in the air!

July 26th: Had so fun and learned how to add at the same time! Also got some target and aim practice in :)

That night we went and watched Skyler play basketball! His team only had 4 guys show up and they were playing one of the hardest teams! Skyler's team ended up winning the game! It was so exciting!

July 27th: We went and swam over at my moms and Nate was doing cannonballs into the deep-end and swimming to the side! He has come so far with swimming this summer and hasn't even had lessons! So proud of him! 

Playing in the little pool with Bailey

That night we went over to the Estridges and ate dinner and hung out! The kids were having a fun time playing together! 

July 29th: Beautiful sunday night!

July 30th: Nate had a dentist appointment today and I always dread them! He is scared of the dentist and hates everything about it! He did the best he has ever done today, but there were still a few tears shed. It was the first time he didn't have to go back in the back room from crying so hard haha!

July 31st: We had a free night and the weather was nice so we took the kids over to Dixie Rock and did a little exploring and site seeing! It was so nice to be out together and the kids loved it!! It was a beautiful night and the sunsets were amazing! Skyler and Nate hiked the highest rock and thats them on top of the rock in the top picture with the sunset in the background. 

While the boys were off hiking and exploring Bailey had a little photo shoot :)

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