Sunday, July 1, 2012

First few days of June

June 1st: I decided to sign Nate up for a new preschool next year. He is so excited! Today we went and picked up his summer work packet that they give each student to work on throughout the summer! He couldn't wait to get started! As soon as we got home he wanted to start on it! Nate loves to learn and loves being able to accomplish new things! I love that I don't have to force him to do it! If I ever forget to have him work on it he says remember I need to do my school work mom!

After he finished working on a few pages his friends Andrew and Jo Jo came over to play in the kiddie pool. Nothing says summer like swimming and watermelon!

Then that evening we went and swam in grandmas pool and had a sleepover since dad was out of town! When we showed up all us girls were wearing pink :)

June 2nd: We went and tried out the new costa vida in town for dinner yummy! Even Bailey was chowing down!

June 3rd: When we were over at Skyler's moms house Nate was playing outside and came running in and was screaming saying he got stung by a bee! It was actually a wasp and he was stung 3 times! It was all puffed up! Luckily he is not allergic to them and Tammy had some lotion for it that really helped a lot!

Then Bailey got her first haircut! No more mullet! Yay!

June 4th: Softball night! We went and watched Skyler play in there first game of the season and of course they won! And of course Skyler hit 2 home runs...woot woot!!

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