Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We love playing outside, especially lately!! The weather has been so nice! It's just now starting to get cold and I am glad we were able to have the warm weather until now! For the last few weeks we have spent a lot of time on our front lawn watching Nate ride his bike up and done the sidewalk of our street. He is finally able to reach the pedals good and he can go so fast! About a month and half ago was the first time he could really reach the pedals and go and now there is no stopping him! A few weeks ago we were out talking to our neighbors and there little boy said I just saw Nate turn the corner down there and pointed to the end of the street that turns to go out on to the main (and really busy!) road behind our house! I was like are you sure? I had just saw him right next to us a few seconds before that! Skyler went down after him and when he got to him he was riding along the sidewalk on the main road! Good thing Skyler went and not me because I probably would have panicked! He had made it about 6 houses down on the back side of our house! So scary!! Skyler asked him what he was doing and he said "I am just riding my bike dad!" As if it wasn't a big deal! In all fairness we had never told him to not go that way because he had just barely started riding his bike and we never thought he would. We should never underestimate that kid! Crazy boy!

Enjoying the outdoors

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cnelson said...

Doesn't get cuter than this! I NEED these pics!