Friday, March 13, 2009


Skyler has been playing on a 5 on 5 basketball intermural team for the college and his team is amazing. They have had games every tuesday and thursday night for the last couple months and his team has blown every other team out of the water...they have won every game by at least 20 points! This last tuesday was the championship game against a team they hadnt played yet and they were supposedly really good so they were a little nervous going into it, but they ended up beating the team like 72 to 50 or something like that. They did awesome! Ironically the team name of the team he plays on is TEXAS! We can truly say TEXAS is the best! (no pun intended...ok maybe a little :) Way to go team TEXAS!

Nate got a big battle wound about a week ago...the couch go the best of him. It is his biggest wound yet so I have to document it.

The house is still coming along good. Everything is happening on the inside now so I dont really have pictures to show. They have finished all the electrical and plumbing and are now starting on the sheet rock!


Angela Bricker said...

How awesome that Skylar's team did so good, those would be fun games to go to! Ah, I feel so bad for Nate that looks SO painful, he's a tough little guy!!

cheryln said...

way to go Texas!! now even Skyler can't argue that Texas is the best! lol! Nate is such a cutie...always smiling despite his wounds!

Ellen and Cameron said...

Poor little guy... Jake always has head wounds! He is getting brave with his walking and is always bonking his head on something! Nate just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I wish we were closer so I could see you guys more often. I will have to come break in the guest rooms in your new house!!

Amy Jo said...

Glad to hear that one of his sports is over for a while. Now you can get moved into your house pretty quick here.