Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nate's favorite time of day...

Bath time! Nate loves taking baths! He can be really cranky but as soon as you stick him in the bath he gets so happy. Its so funny to watch him play in the bath! His favorite things to do in the bath are:

Give his ducky kisses

Drink bath water from the green cup (which he knows he is not suppose to do but I didnt stop him this time for picture sake)

Play with the faucet (which he also is not aloud to do)

I said "Nate, No!" he turned around and gave me a goofy grin

He loves to lay down on his stomach and talk to his toys, and blow bubbles in the water and watch the water drip down the tub

Make goofy faces

His all time favorite thing to do is to smile and have fun!

Lately every time I go to get Nate out of his crib when he wakes up in the morning or after a nap he is holding up his blanket. Its so cute! He has never done this before but for about the last 2 or 3 weeks he has done it every time! So I had to take a picture to document it!


Angela Bricker said...

Awww I love bathtime pictures! He has the most beautiful smile ever, give that cute little face lots of kisses for me!!

Sarah Keith said...

He is so cute like his mama!

Amy Jo said...

cute pictures! Be careful, Josie started doing that and became instantly attached to her "snuggly" and you know how attached she is to that thing!

Ellen and Cameron said...

Jake loves the bath too. He starts getting cranky around 5 or 6pm and so I always put him in the tub and he cheers right up! I would love for you guys to stop by on your way to Logan!