Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nate's first christmas

On Christmas eve we went over my parents house and ate a big and yummy christmas eve dinner. My mom decorated the table so cute (I wish I would have gotten a picture of it!) We were actually able to eat in peace because Nate went down for a nap right before we ate. When we got back to Skyler's parents we opened our christmas eve presents and Nate and I got a really cute pair of PJs and we thought all the boys would get some too, but they were all suprised with a fog free face masks to use while going snow boarding, snow mobiling etc. We put the babies to bed and then we all played a fun game of gestures. It was girls against boys and we (the girls) were ahead the whole game until the last round and the boys ended up winning! So dissappointing! We will definitely have to have a rematch! We went to bed after that and were woken up by Santa! He came to the Ence house at about 630. He came up the stairs and rang his bells and said Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. Nate didnt wake up to all the noise Santa was making...he was out cold so I grabbed him out of bed so he could see Santa! To my suprise he didnt even cry! He just stared at him with a really confused look on his face. We got it all on video! After Santa left to go to the his next stop we went and opened our presents.

Nate got a Train from Santa. He can either ride on it or push it and it makes all kinds of fun noises! He also got a t-ball baseball fisher price set. He got a spin the wheel toy that sings the alphabet and animal names and noises from Grandma and Grandpa Ence. He also got from them a big toy truck. Amy, Tyler, and Josie gave him a hat that Amy made him. He got another baseball toy from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson, but it was different from the other one he got so that was good! They also gave him a toy hammer that makes noise when you hit things and a bunch of really cute clothes! Nate also got $50 dollars from his Great Grandma and Grandpa Ence! From Great Grandma and Grandpa Webb he got a fun musical player that plays fun songs when you press the buttons. He was so spoiled! Skyler and I had a great christmas also! I wont bore you with all the presents we got, but we were definitely spoiled as well! I got everything I wanted and so much more!

After opening our presents we went over to skylers Grandparents and had a big christmas breakfast with all the Ences. It was so yummy! We all got to pick a teddy bear out from under the christmas tree and we all got little stockings with money in them! After that we went over to my parents and opened christmas presents over there and we Santa had left our familys stockings over there. We were then off to talk to Skyler brother Jesse on the phone. He is on his mission in Spain. It was fun talking to him and great to hear his voice! We cant wait for him to come home and meet Nate for the first time! The rest of the day we hung low and enjoyed ourselves and all the great presents we got!

The next day we headed up to bountiful to spend christmas with the Webb family. We had a big yummy dinner when we got there and we were able to visit and play with Skylers moms family. We stayed the weekend up there and had a lot of fun!

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Amy Jo said...

Alisa it's not fair, you even looked great at 6:30am. I am going to try to get a bad picture of you because everyone has to have one, and I haven't seen one of you yet!