Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nate is already 6 months!!

Nate turned 6 months today and I cant believe it! It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital delivering him! He has grown up so fast! He has accomplished so much in the last 6 months and I cant even imagine what he will being doing in the next 6 months. I love him so much! He has brought such joy to my life and I cant imagine life without him! He has developed such a fun and cute personality! You will rearly ever see him without a smile! Whenever I am feeling down or not having a good day all it takes is his cute smile to cheer me up! Everyone who meets him loves him because he is so happy all the time! He has the cutest laugh and everyone time he starts laughing really hard he gets the hiccups and he will have them for like 20 minutes! Today he crawled up to an outlet and started to pull on a plug and I told him no and he stopped and looked at me and smiled. Then he went back to pull on it and I said nate no and he looked back at me and reached for it and started to smile like he knew he was doing something i didnt want him too, but he thought it was funny. I said nate no do not pull it and he just started laughing! It was the funniest thing! I couldnt help, but laugh. I dont think he is ever going to take me seriously because he ends up just making me laugh! He is going to be just like his dad and be able to sweet talk his way out of everything! He is also really ticklish! For such a little guy he has so much energy! He is on the go all the time and is into everything! It is fun to watch him explore and try new things! He is getting so fast at crawling and is pulling himself up on anything he can. His new favorite is pulling himself up on the coffee table which he can barely see over. It is so cute! He loves it when I read his baby stories to him. It will be weird if he still likes to read when he gets older because both skyler and I are not big readers! He likes baby food, but every time I try to feed it to him he makes a really funny face after the first bite he takes. After that first bite he is fine and wants to eat the full jar most of the time. The first time I gave him apple juice he hated it and wouldnt drink it, but i gave him mixed fruit jucie and apple banana juice and he liked both of those a lot, but he also makes a funny face after the first sip...its so funny! He also loves lemons and doesnt mind that they are sour. So anytime we go to a restaurant we give him a lemon to suck on while we eat. He wants nothing to do with his baby toys most of the time...he would much rather play with my keys, phone, cups, plastic containers, boxes, or water bottles. He will be entertained with any of those things for a while. He also loves little kids and babies! He could watch them all day if he had the chance! The las couple times skyler has come home from work nate will follow him everywhere! He loves his dad and gets so excited when he gets home! He is starting to teeth now and I am just hoping they cut through soon because I can tell they are really bugging him! He has been up all night the last couple nights and his nose is running all the time! This has turned out to be a really long post! So I will just post some pictures of my big boy at 6 months!

Drinking his juice

It was all gone and he was trying to figure out a way for more juice to come

He loves moms kisses

Pulling himself up to the coffee table to try and reach things on there

His 6 month old smile

Nate and I reading


Anonymous said...

That sounds just like his dad, Skyler could talk and laugh his way out of any situation. I'm sure he's still that way with you, I couldn't stand it as kids he would never get in trouble but I never had the silver tongue. Nate is the cutest little stink I have ever seen, I feel bad for you having to raise a mini Skyler...that shouldn't be your responsibility! We love little Nate, and Josie just loves when he comes around.

Ashley Cottam said...

Your such a cute mom! :) He really is adorable!

Angela Bricker said...

That's so good of you to write everything down-Nate will love to read that when he's older! For some reason the pictures aren't showing up so I'll have to check back to see them, but I'm sure they're all adorable!!

MPk said...

I can't believe how big and cute Nate is!!! I can't wait for Asher to get big, although he is 5 pounds now!! Yay. Thanks for commenting on our blog. We miss you guys. You are such amazing people!!! Love, Sarah and Micah

MPk said...

Oh and I totally agree with your main heading/quote about the family being life's greatest treasure. Now that Asher is born, I fell like I love Micah so much more plus my heart is just exploding for the little guy. It is awesome. Love, Sarah

The Alofipo Clan :) said...

what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Bummer i didn't see you at the doctors office. I saw your car, but they wisked me into the office too fast, Josie had to get shots today so we were out of there in a hurry, how's nate doing?