Thursday, October 23, 2008

Copy Cat

I am copying this post off my sisters blog because I think these halloween/fall crafts look easy and fun to do! I hope you enjoy!

This would also be something that would be really fun to do with your kids because 1)it's quick and easy 2)it doesn't require anything dangerous/messy like glue, markers, paints,etc. and 3)it's really fun!

Pumpkin Roll

What you need:
-Roll of Toilet Paper
-Piece of "pumpkiny" fabric about 22x18 (they had lots of different fun orange fabrics to choose from: stripes, checkerboard, solid, etc.)
-2 pieces of green fabric about 3x3(depends on what size leaves you want)
-a brown paper lunch sac

How to:
1.Place your roll of TP in the center of your fabric. Gather fabric together and stuff into the center of the TP roll.
2.Crinkle your paper bag (to give it less of a paper bag look), roll it into a "log" shape and stick in center of TP roll for the stem(this also helps to keep fabric in place).
3.Cut out 1-2 leaves and tuck next to your stem
4.Crinkle a piece or two of raffia and stuff next to or tie around your stem to create a "vines" look. It doesn't really matter how you do this, everyone had a different way of doing this part to make it work.

Mini Caramel Apples

This next idea I got online from Family Fun Magazine and I think they are SO cute! (Obviously I'm easily impressed by the simplest of things) These would be perfect to have at a party, take to a party, or to give away as treats to friends/family for Halloween (or really anytime during the fall). You could also attach a tiny bow and tag to each stick and give away or use as a favor or placecard at your party.

4-inch lollipop sticks
Melon baller
Granny Smith apples (one apple makes about 8 mini apples)
Butterscotch or peanut butter chips
Chopped nuts, nonpareils, sprinkles, shredded coconut (optional)
Small paper candy cups

1. First, cut the lollipop sticks in half at an angle (the pointy end will go into the apple pieces easier). With the melon baller, scoop little balls out of the apple. Each ball should have a section of apple peel. Push half of a lollipop stick into the peel of each ball. Pat the apple pieces dry.

2.Melt the chips according to the package directions. Dip and swirl the mini apples in the melted chips, then roll the apples in nuts, sprinkles, nonpareils, or coconut, if desired. Place the mini apples in paper candy cups to set.

A couple tips:
• Use thin wood skewers (about 3" lengths) instead of lollipop sticks.
• Make sure to pat dry apple pieces before dipping. This is important to help the coating stick. Apples can be dipped in lemon juice before drying and dipping to prevent browning.
• Use peanut butter, butterscotch, vanilla, milk or semi-sweet chocolate chips. Thin with shortening if necessary. Caramel also works well.

Anyway, so that's my gift to you all this Fall season. I know most of you that read this blog are super crafty so please share any fun ideas that you have done or good websites that you know of for more fun-and easy-craft projects I can do this fall season. Thanks!


Ashley Cottam said...

OH WOW! Good idea! I hate the big carmel apples cause I can't get my mouth around them! lol. . . These are just the right size! Thx for sharring!

Amy Jo said...

cute cute cute! Those are all great ideas. I love the fabric pumpkin I totally think we should do that for our halloween craft this year. We have to keep up the tradition...And I love the carmel apple ideas. Fun for kids too, Cuz Josie could even eat them

littlefamily said...

Thanks for sharing such fun ideas!! I am going to try the caramel apples tommorrow. Yummy!!!