Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lucky me!

So i have to take a few minutes and brag about how wonderful my husband is. Last night we went to the mall so we could get a shield cover thing on my husbands phone and i wanted to look in JC Penney for some baby clothes while he was getting that done. Well after i was done i went to find my husband and i couldnt find him anywhere and i called his phone and was getting frustrated that he wasnt answering. A couple minutes later he calls me on his friends phone and asked where i was and i told him i had been looking for him and he said they were in foot locker. So i go to foot locker and i am about ready to ask why he had not answered my phone call when i notice he is holding a bag from hollister. I asked him what he bought and he handed me the bag and inside was a way cute shirt for me! I was shocked and so excited! So thanks babe you made my night and i love the shirt!! You are the best and i am so lucky to have you in my life!


Ellen and Cameron said...

what a cute hubby! I hope all goes well with you new lot and building, thats so exciting. We will need to visit each other more often!

bryce and paige said...

How nice is that! I love new clothes! and your blog!

Wood Family Memories said...

AH! That is PRICELESS......... Don't you love when husbands do little things like that.

Hey, we're planning for lunch Aug 13th. Not sure yet on time or place, but I'll let you know for sure - so if you can make it that'll be awesome

Talk soon

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't even know what to say... I am speechless, and you know that doesn't happen very often. He even surprised me, and i have lived with him for 18 years. Way to go, Skyler!