Sunday, August 31, 2008

Proud wife and son

Last night skyler had his first football game of the season. They played Central Washington here in St. George and lost in overtime 44-38. Central Washington was ranked 11th in the nation for division 2 football, so Dixie was the major under dog and nobody thought there was any hope that we would be able to hang with them. It was a really exciting and fun game! Dixie played so well and for sure showed everyone that they are all about business and getting the job done! They came so close to winning and proved that they are a better team this year! Nate and I are so proud of Skyler! He did an amazing job! He scored a touchdown and was the leading receiver with 7 catches for 114 yards! We love to watch him play and cant wait for next weeks game against Western New Mexico! I wanted to get a picture of nate and skyler or all 3 of us at the game, but once the game was over skyler could not find me and went and changed before i could get one. I guess i will just have to wait until next week :) Here is the link to the article on the game and skylers picture catching the ball which made the front cover of the sports section in the newspaper!


Aaron & Jayme said...

Awesome picture!! I used to LOVE going to Aaron's football games, they were so fun! (Until some guy's hip put his face in a million pieces! lol)

Tell him congrats on making the front page!! Scrapbook that picture!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture too! You should be proud of your hubby, he played great! It's fun to see you guys at the game, Ihope you don't get too sick of the Ence Clan.

Angela Bricker said...

WooHoo, GO Skylar!! That's so awesome, I wish we could make it down to watch him play a game! What a great pic. of him, make sure you save it!!