Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Picture Session

Last friday my mom had one of her friends take some newborn pictures of nathan. To my surprise he actually really liked getting his picture taken because he liked the bright light of the flash. I had just fed him before we started and of course he fell asleep, like he always does when i feed him, but as soon as she started taking pictures he woke up. He was really sleepy, but refused to go to sleep, so his eyes ended up only being half way open in most of the picutres. We just had nates pictures taken, but in a couple weeks i want to go get our family pictures taken and some more of just him and maybe he will be old enough to smile in a few :)

Nate's picture session:


Our Fairytale said...

I love the toes picture! And the one of you holding him. Alisa you're making me baby hungry!

Angela Bricker said...

Those are SOOOOO cute! I wish we could've got pictures like that for Tyler. The toes ones are my fav.!!

Are you guys still doing the blessing in May?

staceleem said...

YAY for the blog! Nathan is ADORABLE!!!! I loved the 'first bath' story!

Pratt Family said...

Those pictures are to die for! I can't believe how much he has changed in a few days. Your photographer caught some really sweet moments. Thanks for sharing!

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey you,

I am SO excited you started your blog, I love it already! Your little Nathan is ADORABLE. Baby photos are PRICELESS - I am so happy for you two, he looks happy and healthy.. CONGRATS - I would love to come see him when your ready :)

We are going for Amanda's birthday next week, so we'll for sure let you know! Do you have a home email address?

Take care, talk to you soon

Mary Beth said...

I LOVE those pictures of Nathan - he's a doll!
*Mary Beth (Angela's Friend)