Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swim Lessons

Nate took his first ever swim lessons back in June! He sure does love the water!! He did really well!! He didn't end up passing the class because he wouldn't ever float on his back on his own :) When it came to kicking and moving his arms he was amazing! He learned how to go under water and grab the rings on the bottom of the pool and he loved doing this! Kinda weird he had no problem going under water, but he got scared laying on the water when he was able to breathe ha ha! Silly boy!! We are so proud of Nate, he did so well at his swim lessons and has come really far! Here are some pictures from his first day (they are horrible quality because my phone doesn't take the best pictures!)

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Angela said...

So cute! Totally didn't ever get around to signing Tyler up-hopefully next year! Before we know it they're all going to be swimmin' around grandmas pool together!