Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming home!

The day after having Bailey we were both doing great and decided we were ready to bring our precious baby girl home. So after we both got cleared we got dressed and headed home about 11:30 Monday morning. We put her in her car seat and she was so tiny she didnt even fit! You can sorta tell from the picture that she was so small, but it really doesnt do her justice!

We couldnt find the newborn head part to the car seat we used for Nate so we had to use a towel as a substitute for the first few days
When we got home Nate got to hold Bailey for the first time! It was love at first sight and he didnt want to stop!
Giving Bailey kisses

Nate couldnt get enough of her and kept asking to hold her all day long (excuse the kool-aid around Nate's mouth in the next few pics :)

Then it was time for some much need sleep for Bailey! It takes a lot of work to come into this crazy world!!

Skyler let me get some rest while he watched the kiddos. When I woke up this is how I found the 3 of them. Too cute! Glad Skyler managed to get some sleep too :)

The next day we made sure Nate got some one on one time with us too! So we played baseball (one of his very favorite things!) with him while Bailey slept!

Nate taking a break from baseball to hold his baby sister

I love this picture of Skyler with the kids and I am so sad its bad quality!

That sums up the first 2 days of being home! I didnt take to many pictures the 2nd day of being home because I was pretty much resting all day long thanks to my mom and mother in law! My mom took Nate all day and Tammy cleaned my house and did my laundry! I am so blessed to have the mom and mother in law I do!


Angela said...

Those pics are SO SO great! I love the one where they're all snuggled up on the couch! And can I just say...YAY you're blogging!

Cheryl Nelson said...

So sweet!!!