Friday, July 29, 2011

The big brother

Nate is such a great big brother!! He has adjusted so well to having a new member of the family! He is so good and sweet with her and it just melts my heart every time he interacts with her! He has had a few moments when he has gotten frustrated with me because he wants me to play with him or lay down with him at night while I am trying to feed Bailey, but 95% of the time he is ok with waiting or with me reading him a story until I can do what he wants me to. He does hate when she cries and always get so worried! Anytime we are in the car and she is crying and he knows there is nothing I can do about it he does this...

(horrible quality picture...I took it on my phone, I held it up while driving so its really blurry so if you can't tell what he is doing he is plugging his ears ha ha!

Nate loves to play in is one Skyler made. He loved it and was mad when we had to take it down

Nate also loves to play at splash pads! This is him and his 2 older buddies playing


Cheryl Nelson said...

He is such a SWEETIE and a GREAT big brother! LOVE YOU Nater!!!

Love Sweet Love said...

Ha ha, I love the picture of him plugging his ears cause that's what tyler STILL does! He's not at all concerned about her well being, he just says, "mom make her stop that is SO loud my ears are hurting!" ha ha.