Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making progress!!

One thing I regret about doing when we built are house is deciding to do the landscaping ourselves! Its not hard to do, but finding the time and money to do it has been the issue! Last spring/summer we were able to get some grass and a few bushes in the planter area, but we weren't able to afford or have the time do anything else. Now that's its spring again and the weather is starting to warm up we want to get going again on some landscaping for the backyard and I am crossing my fingers to add at least a few more things to the front yard (that might me wishful thinking :) Well here is some exciting news! We started on the backyard!! Our backyard is pretty big and we just had a little slab of a concrete patio right outside the door. We decided to extend it out and make the patio area bigger. Skyler and one of our neighbors set a date to pour the patio, but sadly it ended up not being a great day weather wise! They started working on the patio about 7:30 am and they started pouring concrete about 9. At about 9:30 it started raining :( I was worried that it was going to completely ruin everything, but it had set up enough that it didnt! I guess you can pour concrete in the rain it just takes triple the amount of time! They were planning on being done with the patio by 11am, but since the rain put a damper on things they didnt end up getting done until about 4pm!! Needless to say I am so grateful to all the people who helped Skyler do it! I know it was probably so miserable! They did such a great job! Its so nice! I cant wait to get a patio set! We want to build a cover over the patio too, but thats probably going to have to wait until after we put in the sprinkler system and grass in backyard! Its so nice to have made some progress in the backyard! They had poured that patio saturday and on monday we were able to grill up some burgers on our new patio and enjoy the nice weather for FHE. I look forward to many more fun nights out on our patio! I took some pictures of them working on the patio in the rain, but my camera is lost so I only have these pics off Skylers phone for now.

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Angela Bricker said...

That looks AWESOME!! So jealous nate is wearing shorts!