Saturday, April 9, 2011

Age doesn't matter

The age of a friend doesn't matter to Nate. He is always one who is up for playing with anyone and everyone! Whenever we go to the park he usually always tries to make friends with the kids that are older them him! Just the other day we went to the park and there were some school kids there on a field trip I guess and they were all playing on the playground and running around in the field. They were probably 5th graders, but Nate didnt have a problem with that. He went right up to one and they instantly became buds. It was so funny to watch! After about 20 minutes of playing with him, his new friend was called over by some of his buddies to come play football in the field with a bunch of other 5th graders. The kid said ok and went over to play. Nate started to follow him, but I called him over and told him he couldnt go play with him anymore that he was playing with his other friends and they were doing big kid games. Nate got so sad! He wanted so badly to go play with them!

One of Nate's best friends is Jayz Estridge. His family is in our ward and lives around the street from us. He is an only child and just turned 7. Our family is really good friends with them and we hang out a ton with them. Jayz and Nate have practically become brothers! Nate always gets so excited when we tell him he gets to play with Jayz. You would think Jayz would not playing with someone 4 years younger then him, but he is so good with Nate! They play so good together! Nate was invited to Jayz's birthday party last weekend. Jayz had 8 friends there that were all 6 or 7 and then there was Nate! It was so funny! Jayz's mom got a video game on the go truck to come for the party. It was really cool! It had 2 video screens on the outside of the truck to play wii games on and then there were 6 more screens on the inside to play xbox games. Nate is still a little young to fully understand how to play video games, but he did try and play mario cart on the wii. You can really just hand him a wheel and he thinks he is playing. He had fun trying to play the games with the big kids! He also loved eating the cake! It was a baseball cake and he told me that he wanted a baseball cake for his birthday party (So thats when I decided to make Nate's party a sports themed party). They also had a pinata! Nate LOVES pinatas! Is there anything better then hitting something and until candy comes out?? He also told me he wants a pinata at his party too! Going to Jayz party made him so excited for his own birthday coming up! To bad he has to wait a week after his birthday for his party ha ha!

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Angela Bricker said...

ha ha it's true, he will be friends with anyone! Can't wait for his sports party-Tyler is especially excited!!