Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My new find!

Are you earning swagbucks?
I found out about this site on one of the coupon blogs I follow. Swagbucks is one of my favorite sites to win free stuff! I just signed up a week ago and I already have a lot of Swagbucks! Whats Swagbucks you ask? Its a site where you earn points (aka swagbucks) and once you have so many swagbucks you redeem them for prizes (gift cards, electronics, etc)! Its so easy and I dont spend anymore time on the computer then I usually do! In the few days I have been a member I have already earned over 300 swagbucks! You should be able to easily earn 900 swagbucks per month and there are lots of people who earn thousands of swagbucks a month! 900 swagbucks can get you 2 $5 Amazon gift cards! So how do you earn swagbucks? Its simple! Here are some of the ways:
Search on Swagbucks (just like searching on google) throughout the day and earn swagbucks (I usually win swagbucks once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night). Amount of swagbucks earned per search varies (in my experience its anywhere from 8-11 swagbucks per time) but you can easily win 600 a month from searches. (honestly if i dont have anything to search, I just type in random things into the search box until it rewards me with swagbucks...things like im tired, swagbucks please...stuff like that and it usually rewards me after 2 or 3 searches :) So it really takes no effort!
Take the Daily Poll each day and earn 1 swagbuck = 30 swagbucks a month
Check to see if you have any Trusted Surveys each day and earn 1 swagbuck just for checking. Do surveys to earn even more (I did 2 surveys yesterday and earned 250 swagbucks total) = 30 swagbucks a month plus any from surveys you do
Click through the Swagvucks Special Offers each day (you don't need to do any of them) and earn 1 swagbuck = 30 swagbucks a month
Install the toolbar, each day you will wake up to 1 swagbuck for having the toolbar = 30 swagbucks a month

Enter bonus codes which can be found on their blog
, facebook page, twitter page, and widget. I would say you can get at least 50 swagbucks a week from codes = 200 swagbucks a month

You can also send in random pics or videos to the swag guy and he may reward you with swagbucks.
If you are new to swagbucks, they are offering a bonus of 40 swagbucks when you sign up! You enter codeBackToSchool (bonus code exp 11:59 pm PDT on 8/15). Normally you get 30 swagbucks when you sign up, but now you will get 70 right off the bat just for signing up!!!
Check out Swagbucks here:
Search & Win


whit said...

that's awesome! I'll have to check that out! Thanks for posting :)

Angela Bricker said...

ha ha did you see I put that on mine too!

Matt and Haley said...

I heard about Swagbucks about 3 months ago, and still haven't gotten around to signing up... Think how many points I could have :o)