Monday, August 2, 2010

And that makes 3!

This past week we said our goodbyes and see ya laters to Skyler's brother Justin. He is serving his mission in Brazil and was suppose leave straight to Brazil July 13th and go to the Brazil MTC. His VISA did not come in time so they pushed his departure date back to July 28th and he went to the Provo MTC instead. I had already planned a trip with my mom and sisters to go to California July 27th so I was pretty bummed his date got moved back and I wasnt able to be there for his setting apart. Thank goodness they didnt move his farewell date back so we were able to go to his farewell and hear him speak. He did such a good job!! Nate and I went and said our goodbyes Monday night before we left out of town. It was so sad to watch nate say goodbye! Nate really doesnt understand that he wont see him for 2 years, so it is going to be hard to explain that to him when he asks "wheres jussin go?"They have become such good buds over the last few months and I know Nate is really going to miss his Uncle Justin! Sunday dinners are not going to be the same without him! Even though we are going to miss him like crazy, we are so proud of Justin and the decision he has made to serve a mission. He is going to be such a good missionary! He has such a good heart and is so willing to help and serve people! I know the people of Brazil are going to love him! This makes 3 siblings Skyler and I have out on a mission! Our family has already been so blessed! Reading the letters you get from them brings such a great spirit into our home! Nate sure does miss his Aunt and 2 Uncles, but they are setting such a great example for him! Thank you Amanda, Ty, and now Justin for your willingness to serve! We love you all and pray for you every night!! Never forget you have a family here that loves and supports you, but most importantly you have your Heavenly Father that loves and supports you! He will ALWAYS be there for you even, no ESPECIALLY, in your time of struggles, loneliness and hardships! Turn to him always and during this time while you are gone away from your family and friends is the time you can and will draw the closest to your Father in Heaven. Make him your new best friend! I promise you he wants to be it and he will make the best friend you ever have! Work hard and we will see yall before you know it!!

Nate and his cars saying goodbye to Justin:


Cheryl Nelson said...

So sweet!! Justin is going to be an AWESOME missionary!

Anonymous said...

What an lucky kid nate is to have so many good examples around him. thanks for making me cry again! We miss you guys. hope you had fun in cali!

Angela Bricker said...

How awesome! I was thinking the same thing as amy-what a lucky kid nate is to have such great family all around him! Miss that little "hyper" kid already! :)