Sunday, May 16, 2010

God be with you til we meet again!

Some of our best friends moved and we are so sad they did! Skyler and I met through Judd Thompson and he has always been a really good friend of ours! Skyler and Judd played football together at Dixie College and Judd was in my Geology class along with one of my roomies. My roommate and I would always go study with Judd and then play games or just hang out at his apartment afterwards. Skyler was always over there hanging out and it was there our relationship formed :) Skyler also happened to be in my biology class so that helped too :) Anyways Judd has always been there for Skyler and I since the beginning! He has been such a good friend! He then found the love of his life and introduced her to us and we fell in love with her too! She is the sweetest and nicest person you will ever met! Oh and she is drop dead GORGEOUS too! Liz and I became really good friends over the last year! We went on road trips together to see our boys play in there football games and we had a sleepover when they were at an away game we couldnt make it to. We did crafts together and would make dinner and dessert for our hubbies together quite a few times! She is so easy to talk to and I could tell her anything! We have made so many great memories together and I miss her like crazy! Thanks Judd and Liz for always being such great friends! We love yall and can't wait to come visit you in Chicago! We wish you the best of luck with life and your new job opportunities! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!!

P.S. Nate misses his MEME :)

Skyler and Judd
Liz and I
Skyler and Judd at Judd's wedding
Liz and I supporting our boys at intramurals
Intramural champions!
Supporting our boys at the Cal Poly game!
All of us after carving pumpkins

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Liz said...

Oh my GOSH... This was so cute. I totally teared up and then the flood gates were opened once I saw the part about Nate missing his MEME!!! :( Haha oh my gosh. That was so sad but i love you and miss you! Can't wait to see you in a few months! AHHHH