Monday, May 31, 2010


I have been the worst blogger ever! I have never been real great at it, but I have always tried posting at least once a week. Since my camera broke at disneyland I havent been able to take pictures as much as i would like and for some reason I feel like I cant blog if I dont have pictures to post with it! So my first excuse is no pictures=no posts! Skyler has taken a few pictures of what we have been doing on his phone and I just upload those to my computer last night. So now I have something to blog about! Two weeks ago for fhe we built some much needed shelves in our garage! Despite all the people that doubted us we did it all by ourselves! I think they turned out great!

This past week for fhe we went to the lake with skyler's brothers! It was a lot of fun! The sun had pretty much gone down so it was starting to get chilly, especially when the boat was going so Nate and I were bundled up in sweatshirts as the boys wake-boarded in 60 degree water...CRAZY! The water was pure glass so they couldnt help themselves! They had to suck it up and get in! We were the only boat out there so we had the whole lake to ourselves! It was nice! Needless to say they have been to the lake 4 or 5 times this year already!

Justin doing a back flip


Skyler attempting the 360



McKenzi and Matt Irvin said...

I totally understand your no pictures=no post theory! I am the same way! Looks like you had fun at the lake, and the shelving look awesome! Good Job Skyler!

Cheryl Nelson said...

wow...your shelves look amazing!! wtg!

alena said...

The shelves look very impressive! Nice job! (:

Judd & Liz said...

I am totally the same way too alisa!! :) & we have taken NO pictures lately... not sure why! haha but i just tried turning my phone on & it's shot. :( totally wont even try to turn on so i just went on ebay & ordered the pink razor! haha that should work for now.. at least til i get my iphone right? haha yeah right! but the shelves look amazing! i'm so impressed.. they really make your garage look bigger too! but we miss you guys & hope everything is going well! speaking of pictures.. i went on judd's dads computer last night & found tons of pictures so i'm going to post them on my blog tonight. yay for pictures!!

The Johnson Family said...

I hear ya girl, I'm terrible at keeping up with my blog!! When you going to come visit? We have a way fun pool at our gym so you guys should come play!! Oh Im so jealous of your garage shelves.. We need some like that in our basement for storage!

Amy said...

love the shelves, you guys did great! My mom said Skyler was so excited to get them done that he tackled the ones inside too. That's great! Since we got home all Josie can say is, Where's Nate, I think he misses me? We need to get together!