Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Backyard Fun!

Now that the weather is so nice in St. George, Nate and I have been taking full advantage! We usually go and play outside at least once a day. I really want to go take him to a splash pad because I know he would absolutely love it, but I have been really busy the last couple of weeks getting everything finished in our new house. I know there will be plenty of time to do it in the summer once things are a little less crazy! Nate loves going outside! Here are some pictures of him playing outside in my in-laws backyard.


Amy Jo said...

I absolutely love your background. And I have Josie in my lap and everytime the picture changed she shouted, "Nee" "Nee"! And she was blowing him kisses. Those are adorable pictures of him. We can't wait till the pool is warm and they can splash in the water together.

Matt and Haley said...

If Caleb could have his wish, we would play outside ALL day long. As you know, Houston weather just doesn't allow that come Summer time unless it's at the pool.

The picture on the trampoline is cute. Caleb just barely had his first experience on a trampoline a few weeks ago.

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey there suga,

I haven't been on blogger for awhile it seems like... Working almost 36 hours at Olive Garden and the rest with the family has consumed me.... hee hee

I love your background and header! So cute.... You have the cutest little boy! He is just getting SO big, already one years old.. Time is just flying! I can't believe the progress on your house, I bet your just ancy to move in :)

How is everything else going, we totally need to get together. I know we keep saying that, but we'll eventually do it (LOL) Take care, you look amazing

Shanan, Kelly and Carson said...

That looks like so much fun! i'm excited to have a backyard to play in! i'm so excited for you guys and your house! what i've seen of it looks amazing! i'm excited to come see it!! are you gonna come to the "ladies night out" may 1st? Jackie and Braden might be in town that weekend, then maybe we could all get together finally.. haha! unless you and i are getting into our houses! i hope all is going well with yours, i think it can be really stressful!