Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our house is under way!

2 nights ago we drove by our lot and they had started digging the footings! Yesterday they compacted them and hopefully they get the permit today and they can start filling them. It is really exciting to see things happening! Our house should be done in May and I am so excited! Here is a picture of me standing in front of the lot. It is at night and it is raining so the quality isnt the best.

Flag football just came to an end and my husbands team did such a good job! They played in the championship game which turned out to be a really close game! There were quite a few really bad calls against us which led to us losing by a touchdown in the last second of the game! Congrats boys on a season well played!


cheryln said...

yeah!! so exciting for you! and congrats to Skyler and his team for a great season.

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey girl,

That is so exciting to see their starting :) YIPPEE..... It was so good to see you at the Olive Garden the other day. You look fabulous! We totally need to get together soon :) Congrats on your 2 year

Angela Bricker said...

That's awesome about your house! See ya soon!!