Sunday, February 8, 2009

10 months!!

I cant believe baby is 10 months old today! He is cuter than ever and I just cant express how much of a joy it is to have him as my son! I couldnt have asked for a better baby! He is hardly a baby anymore though! He walks around like he owns the place everywhere we go and no one can believe that he was 9 months old and walking like a pro! He has been able to pull himself up on something and walk off to where ever he wants to for a month now, but just this last weekend he can stand up without holding on to anything and walk away. His favorite thing is picking up a basketball or any kind of big ball and walking off with it. Its so funny to see him carry it since it is pretty much a big as he is! He is so strong! He can be walking and bend down to pick something up and then start walking again with it in his hands! He has grown up to fast on me! As I watch him play I feel like I am watching a little toddler! He sure does wish he could be one! He is starting to be mr. independent! He usually will hold my hand when we are walking somewhere, but now if I try to hold his hand he yanks his hand out of mine like I can do it by myself mom! He likes to feed himself but I dont let him when he is eating something from a spoon becasue he gets it everywhere! He loves to eat!! He can eat as much as an joke! My sister-in-law bought his cousin an Arby's melt, but she didnt want it and so she said Nate could have it because they were just going to throw it away. He ate the whole thing and was mad when it was all gone! Plus he had a ton a puffs and just before he ate the sandwhich he had a 6oz bottle! He can eat a whole slice of pizza and still be starving. It is so funny! It is a good thing he is so active otherwise I would have an extremely obese baby! He loves helping me push the laundry basket to the laundry room...he is such a good helper! He loves to go and watch his dad play sports!I just started going to the gym again about 2 weeks ago and he loves going and playing in the gym's daycare with all the kids while I am working out! He never wants to leave! He is the most determined baby I know! We finally gave him his first hair cut and it looks super cute! His Grandma Ence gave it to him. He was scared of the scissors, but loved the clippers...which I thought was really weird! We gave him a lollipop to suck on and he really liked that! It was a rainbow colored one so his face was blue and green when we were done. My camera died after taking 2 pictures of him getting his haircut and then I went to go grab my mother-in-laws and hers was dead too! We found an old one that worked, but it didnt take the best pictures so I didnt get great pictures, but they are good enough :)

Watching Grandma getting things ready for his haircut

The first snip

Right after the first cut he turns around to see what is going on!

He realizes what is going on and does not like it!

Then we switched from scissors to clippers and he is hesitant to let us try

He is thinking ok this isnt so bad
Going back to enjoy his lollipop

The finished product!

Nate watching his dad play flag football

Playing with his cousin at the game

Nate and Josie playing with uncle blake (i know he is wearing one mitten and one sock on his was cold and it was all i had :)

Nate and Dad after the game


cheryln said...

he is such a cutie!! i can't wait to see him pull himself up from the floor!

Ellen and Cameron said...

Yay for first hair cuts! Look like he handled that better than most! Thats crazy that he is walking! Jake has taken a few steps and likes to think he can walk but not yet. Jake has always been in the 75-80% for height but at our last visit after being sick he was only in the 15% for weight. Tall and skinny like my brothers! I would love for you guys to say hi on your way to Logan.

Anonymous said...

1st of all I love the picture of Skyler and Nate. And second of all, he looks so grown up with his haircut.

Angela Bricker said...

um yea, pretty sure mom doesn't ever comment on my blog!

He does look so grown up with his hair cut and I love how much he loved that lollipop. How nice to be living with a hairdresser! We'll have to try that with tyler next time we cut his hair because he is terrified of the clippers. Also, I can't believe he eats that much-Tyler is 2 and will barely eat 1/2 of an Arby's melt or 1/2 a slice of pizza, and usually we have to force him. If we didn't make him eat, he never would crazy kid!