Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

St. George had its first snow of the season today! It didnt stick to the ground at our house, but we were able to find a field filled with snow (which I was really excited about because I really wanted to see how Nate would react to being in the snow). It was Nates first time seeing it but he wasnt that big of a fan. He just had a confused look on his face the whole time we were taking pictures. We sat him on the ground and his jacket was so puffy that he had a hard time sitting. He kept falling back and he was not happy about it! We only put him on the ground for a second because he didnt have snow pants on and we didnt want him getting to cold (We also didnt want to stay outside to long because none of us were dressed for playing in the snow!) It was fun having it snow today, but I am so glad I dont live somewhere where it snows all the time!! I dont think I could handle it!

Tonight Nate took 3 steps! He again was playing with a ball on the foot rest and Grandpa Rick came around the room and he wanted to go to him. With the ball in his hands he let go of the foot rest and started walking out to him! He took 3 great perfectly balanced steps and then stopped and looked at me and then Rick and realized what he was doing and got scared and then dropped to the floor. He could have kept going if he didnt get scared! It is so fun and exciting to see him try and do new things! I also was able to capture a couple of pictures of him standing all by himself! He stood there for about 10-15 seconds! I was so proud :) He was watching TV and chewing on a toy so thats why he isnt looking at me in the pictures. If he has something to focus on he can stand somewhere for quite awhile, but when he realizes what he is doing then he falls down.

Here is a picture I took of him on sunday and I think his smile is so cute! It shows his 2 teeth perfectly!


Matt and Haley said...

That's so exciting about Nate's first steps! A lot of experienced moms laughed at me when I encouraged Caleb to walk. They said he will just get into everything more, but I feel the same way as you. He already was getting into everything just crawling, so why not encourage the kid to walk early? It's a fun stage.

Amy Jo said...

Alisa, first of all I love the snow pictures, I hope you can use one of them for a Christmas card. You are all so photogenic. They turned out darling. I can't wait to see Nate walking. He is the cutest thing, I love the pic of his teeth. He has definitely won my heart. see ya soon

coxfamily said...

Oh Nate is growing up so fast! He is so cute. Your Snow pictures truned out way cute. Sorry we didnt make it to your birthday we had to be at Dans Work Party at seven thiry. But It sounds like you had fun. We need to get together soon and just have a girls day!

Angela Bricker said...

I love yalls snow pictures, but just be happy you don't live here-it's snowed almost everyday this week and I'm too scared to drive anywhere! I can't believe how grown up Nate looks in that last picture, I love his 2 teeth! Take a video of him taking steps cause I want to see!!

Tammy said...

Your snow pictures are darling. They really make it look like we got alot of snow. And who says it doesn't snow here just look outside, and enjoy the kids having the day off school!

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey sweetie,

That is so awesome about Nate.... Can you believe we got snow, it was alot of fun though! You have a beautiful family and I am so glad I get to share your updates!.... You ready for the holiday season? How is your house coming?

Lets try to hook up sometime. I'd really like that