Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have been wanting to take Nate to get his picture with santa for a couple weeks now and today I finally had the time. I was a little nervous because he is teething right now and when he teeths he tends to be a little clingy. He did great though! My Mom, Amanda, Alena and Ty all came with me so while I sat Nate on Santas lap I had everybody call his name to get his attention. The picture taker was taking forever! He had to sit on Santas lap for like 5 minutes before she actually took the picture! This year the mall let us take pictures with our personal cameras too so we took a couple. He is smiling in the a picture the mall took so that was exciting! I wish I had a scanner so I could show you that one, but I have some of him smiling to so I will just post those. I dont think Nate even realized he was sitting on Santas lap because he was distracted by us and all the decorations around him. He kept looking at the toy bag and wanting the big white bear poking out. When he looked up at Santa and realized who was holding him he looked back at me with a look on his face that was priceless! I wish we would have got it on camera! He started to cry a little and then I went and got him.

I have to say I was a little disappointed with that Santa in the mall. He looked the part, but definitely didnt act it! He was not personable at all! I didnt care as much with nate because he is to young to understand, but he didnt even talk to the toddlers or yound children! Normally the Santas are really friendly because that is how Santa is, but this guy didnt even say Merry Christmas!! The picture taker was really nice, but the mall definitely needs to find a new santa!!


Amy Hummel said...

Every single person I have talked to has complained about that mall Santa. I took my kids to see him on Monday, and he was horrible! He definitely fit the part of the drunk mall Santa, that is always comically portrayed in movies (i.e. The Christmas Story).

Angela Bricker said...

What an awful Santa, you should complain! At least you got some of Nate smiling and looking at you, they're SO cute!

The Alofipo Clan :) said...

we went today to see him....it said he would return at 12 30 at 1 pm he still wasn't there...i guess lucky for us if he was a weirdo! we at least had all the kids sit in his chair and take a picture though. that is cute of nate looking at santa

Anonymous said...

How do you do it? He is smiling even when some strange man in a red suit is holding him.

Wood Family Memories said...

Hey girl,

I didn't have time to check him out, sorry to hear he was awful for you! Santa should always be cheerful and in the spirit... I would of definitely complained to the mall.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, do you have any fun plans for the New Year?