Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Yes i realize i am a little late on this post because the 4th of july was about a week ago, but i have been sick ever since we got home. We went up to the cabin for the 4th of july with skylers family and it was so much fun! We went on a four-wheel ride right when we got there and i didnt think we were going to be gone long so i just went straight from the car onto the four wheeler. Well to sum up what a great mom i am...nate pooped all over himself and i didnt have any diapers or any clothes to change him into! Thank goodness amy was prepared and had an extra diaper for me to put on nate! however he did have to go on the rest of the ride in just a diaper. I dont think he minded though. We went on a ride to see mammoth caves which was really cool. We didnt go through the cave though because it was really dusty and kinda chilly in there and i already felt like a bad mom at that point so skyler, nate, and i stayed at the top while everyone else went in. That night we went to brian head and saw the firework show which was really cool! I love fireworks! Then that sunday was my neices 1st birthday so we stayed at the cabin to celebrate that! She got a ton of fun presents that she loved! I think nate wished it was his birthday so he could join in the fun!

When we got to mammoth cave
2 minutes later...the explosion
The naked boy
By the cave opening

In brian head watching the fireworks

The happy birthday girl

Skyler all muddy after falling into the pond while dirt biking with his brother
The cute birthday cake


Aaron & Jayme said...

Finally! I've been waiting for your 4th of July post! I have been checking your blog all week! Oh and you are SO not a bad mom! We all have our BLONDE moments! Ok and in that last picture of Skyler and Nate, it totally looks like he's pinching his nipple, like maybe to breast feed! Sorry! That's the first thing I thought when I saw it! :) :) Don't hate me

Amy Hummel said...

I love the pictures of you guys with the fireworks over your heads!

It's at least good that you waited to get sick after you got home from your fun weekend. Tess and I had some sinus thing going on during the whole weekend, and we were out camping on the Arizona Strip! It was awful. And our worst sick day was the 4th.

And I've totally been in the "my baby pooped everywhere and I don't have anything with me" boat. At least he didn't poop all over you too! That would have been gross. And I don't think you could have gotten away with running around on a 4-wheeler in just a diaper like Nate did!

Amy Jo said...

I love the pictures you took of you and Skyler. And the ones with the fireworks behind you, that was great! I think I still win the "mother of the year" award for banging my newborns head on the light bar (accidentally). So don't worry, if that is the worst thing that you do, you are doing great! YOu are a great mom, Nate is lucky, and so is Skyler. Come to think of it, we are lucky to have you in the family. Thanks for coming to spend the weekend with us celebrating Josie's birthday.